Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

From our family to yours we hope that you have a safe and beautiful holiday season.

We have a lot of spots missing around the friend table this year, we wish our loved ones were here, we wish we could spend this time with them but are extremely grateful that the majority are coming home soon. 

and obviously I couldn't leave you guys without this little treasure.. enjoy. 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Military | A's Bronze Star

This last Friday I was able to watch A be awarded his bronze star. Its been almost a year and a half since the Major he worked with in his last deployment awarded it to him, the reason it took so long is because this award came from the Army and had to go through the Air Force. I was a little teary eyed when he was being promoted, especially when they listed out why he was awarded this medal, and that he was awarded by someone who was with him on that deployment was just amazing to me. 

In 2011 A was deployed with the 3rd Batalion, 21st Infantry Regiment, 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team for his support and performance in Panjwai, AFG. 
A says its a team effort, he's right, it comes from the guys on the ground to the guys in the air.. its all of the branches and gratitude is given to any and all who were with A on that deployment.. I know how hard it was for him, I know that watching your friends pass or be injured isn't easy and I think the thing that stuck out most was when the Col said 
"in his job *insert A's rank/name here* saved 200 lives, 200 people are celebrating holidays today with their families."

Two-hundred ... and you know what A said when a reporter asked him how he felt? 
Humbled, he was just doing what every other JTAC has done for years, he was just recognized for it. 

A has never been one to be proud of himself and he is far to humble about the situation.. and I think its funny when people say "you should be proud of him" oh man, you all have no idea how proud I am. 

In the last three years I have watched this man walk away to war every year and for the last three years I have waited for him to come home, and I have been very lucky to welcome him home every time I've sent him off... I have heard the difficulties, seen him age 10 years because of the stress and listened to the stories when they get together.. you never really know until they speak about it.. things are different from when we first met.. we are his family and that is an amazing feeling. Everyday I am proud of him, every minute he's here with me I am proud and every time I watch him walk away to get on a plane to Afghanistan I am proud. But to hear the way his superiors and the men he supported while on his last deployment speak about him makes me swell with pride.

A after he was awarded, I may post more pictures when I get them from the professional photographer who was there. 

A, you have amazed me for three years and I know you will continue to do so for hopefully the rest of our lives. I love you. 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas tree time

So A and I went to Schilter Farms  in Olympia to get our Christmas tree this year. This place is awesome, though I think we got there after all the fun festivities of the day were over but it was still fun. Its one of those things where you can walk around and find your perfect tree, cut it down and then have someone take it up to the front for you.. because you are much too lazy to lug the 12' tree that A cut down allllll the way to the front office area.. yeah.. that's right, 12' and he cut off about 4' to get it to fit in our house.. 

Our finished tree
We're keeping a tradition that we both picked up from families which is to only get an ornament each every year. So far 90% of my ornaments are from Pottery Barn after holiday sales, so we get some BEAUTIFUL ones for super cheap. 

A&A this ornament I made last year
 I love this VERY simple initial wing ornament, just follow the design and use your initial as the wing :) 
 We got some snow! It lasted for a day, but obviously our Bru bear loved it. 

Cutting down the tree time! 

So obviously we had a blast, A was excited to use his saw.. that dork. I definitely recommend these farms, ALL of their douglas firs were $25 so we were able to find the perfect tree and then trim it down to size. The staff was amazingly helpful, and are very much about making you feel welcome. Thank you guys for making our last holiday in the Pacific Northwest -living at least- a great one.. even though I have to wait till December 28th to open ANY presents because I have to work and A is at his parents... we are truly excited/happy about it though. 

Have a great day! 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Photo dump and...

So for starters, sorry I've not been around! I know people may have thought I died.. okay you probably just thought I'd stopped blogging completely, but I didn't.  Instead I have somewhat of a photo dump so you guys just buckle up and be prepared for the amazing-ness that shall follow! 
So first off look at me and my boy! Remember when I went camping (uh I posted about it on twitter) well Bru & I were all sorts of "white trash" that day. I mean.. I was wearing cut offs with my PINK sweater and brown bear claw boots. Basically went against anything that normal people would wear. It was fun. 

Bru & I are pretty much BFFs and we like to have moments.. constantly. 

So this is my work BFF named Brett, he's amazing and loves musicals, acting and going to cheese fries and totally mess up my diet!! But its okay, though now we don't get to spend our lunches together I still get to sit across from him and tell him when people hit on me or he ever so nicely stays an extra 30 minutes after his schedule when I get a HORRIBLE customer on the phone. Seriously, you guys need to treat cust care with respect.. cause otherwise you wont get what you want! 

So my sister and her boyfriend Dave were staying with me and I inherited a bajillion scarves. THANK YOU SEESTER! 

This is from my Oregon trip with Bru & my dad.. whoops.. I need to definitely upload those pictures up. 

So about a week and a half before A got home I got a really bad flu, the flu turned into a cough and I bruised ribs (which are still bruised ALL over my ribcage) and one night after work I'd had enough, so my sister (in the back) and Dave took me to urgent care. Thank you! Diagnosed with an upper resp infection -duh?- and give codine -thank you?- but yeah.. this mask made me feel like I was a zombie.

And then....
A CAME HOME!!!!!!!!! 

Having my boys together for the first time in MONTHS was amazing, Bru was so excited! He has been attached to A's hip since he got home and its pretty adorable -also takes a load off of me- another great thing is that A is on leave for a good long while so I have gotten a GREAT break :) thank you A! Though I don't enjoy having Bru jump up in our bed, he never does that and all of a sudden when A got home it was all I'm gonna be in the bed now! Dork. 

My handsome :) 

A brought me the American flag that he carried with him in Afghanistan. Its pretty fantastic and I can't wait to put it in a shadow box and get a plaque for it.. this is such an amazing gift because its from his last deployment as a TACP. More on that later, but oh my, I am excited. 

That's all for now folks, thanks for hanging with my photo dump/A's home post.. I'll be trying to post a few more times this month AND I've put some great blog ideas on paper. :) 
lots of love

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

living with my big sister 2.0

Coming from a family of four kids and being the youngest you really realize later on in life how much you like living with your siblings
Me (baby) keelan (brother) and kira off to the left is tally the other sister

The biggest thing I've come to love about my sister being here for the next few weeks is that 1. she cleans and I don't have to, and 2. her boyfriend is a great cook! But really, she's my sister and its nice to have family around. We get to talk about fashion and life and get things squared away.. I've looked at the apartments she & Dave are searching for and found that.. HEY maybe in a few months when A PCSs I'll be looking for something similar! Its nice to also have someone in your corner.. I feel a lot through living in WA that people suck.. and therefore having someone who you automatically call a friend/sister is the best thing ever. 

Us in seattle 2011

We used to fight and get on each others nerves, we also used to think the other was constantly annoying! But now that we're in our 20's have lived in other states and gotten to actually know each other aside from being sisters... we're friends.

I look forward to hanging out with my sister and having her around.. I can only tell other little sisters that it does get better, your siblings DO become your friends and they don't hate you all the time (if you fought like us, you probably understand) 

so heres to being family and having a mutual interest in face making, noises and calling Dave a douche (its a joke) 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

almost over

I can't help but get a little nervous/giddy when I think of A coming home.. of what I'm going to do and how it'll be.. I mean, its like starting your relationship over -really- and being all ninja about it. 
Homecoming #1 Aloha Skies Photography 

This year is a little different seeing as I probably wont be able t pick him up because of my own work schedule (lets keep our fingers crossed they come in on a Monday!!!) but then I remind myself that its not a big deal and we'll be able to be together that night -or maybe my lunch break! 

Homecoming #2 Aloha Skies Photography
No welcome home pictures.. no big hug or sitting around at the international gate for hours (literally) waiting for A to make an appearance. Though I am really sad that our reality is us getting together that night, or maybe on a 30 minute lunch break, I am happy that I get to welcome him home. Now to just figure out what to do with the house as far as decorations! Any and all ideas are welcome, especially if you have pictures or something.. man.. so soon. so tired of waiting! 

Monday, October 22, 2012

My beautiful boy

I remember when A said we were getting a puppy, and by we.. I mean he, and I was utterly terrified. A dog, insanity! But here you are, almost one year later from your 'gotcha' date (I'm borrowing the term from legitimate adoption) and you're one! A whole year, I know its been tough on you, you've had to watch daddy go off to war and have been my best friend for the last few months.. and even though you ate my boot and chewed on the table AND learned how to open the baby gate with your mouth.. I still love you. You're the best dog anyone could ask for, and I am so lucky that you are apart of our family. 

Brutus, my love, my genius and the light of our life.. heres to you! 

I can't believe how big you are! :) 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fashion | Washington + Rain

So I've been in the PacNW for the last four years, Washington for three... and I have to say that for the first 3 years I didn't own a winter coat, rain jacket, umbrella, rain boots or anything remotely decent for rainy weather. I'm from Arizona, this mythical thing called rain rarely happens there.. and yet I moved to the raniest state.. genius award. 

Now things that you definitely should spend your money on? A good rain coat w/ the zip out liner. I recommend Columbia or North Face, both amazing, but Columbia is a little cheaper -at times- than North Face. 
Rain boots- just get some, trust me. 
Boots - I had some cowboy boots, till Bru ate one, now I have no boots and am sad.. bring on the sister and her $10 Frye boots! 
Umbrella, though I don't use one, I hear they work wonders! 
But just because its chilly and rainy doesn't mean you have to turn in your summer wardrobe. In fact I wear my summer/spring clothes year round by layering on with my fall clothes. These two style boards are from my pinterest that I absolutely LOVE. Though add more color if you live up here, seasonal depression is a killer. 

I hope to make more attempts at fashion blogging, with my sister moving up here I'll finally have someone that I can A. have dress me + update my style and B. take pictures. You'll more than likely see her fashions on here more than mine, but hey.. use your resources, right?! 

I hope you ladies enjoy the fall/winter, and those in the PacNW feel free to let me know your must haves for the rainy season. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


My lifestyle is sorta weird, I'm not a spouse to an airman, I am just the girlfriend... I don't want my blog to be all military since it is my blog... but then I run across the fact that I am pretty freaking boring. I work, take care of Bru and the house and wait for my man to come home. I daydream at work about how it'll be to hold him in my arms again, and at the same time I kick butt and realize that my parents raised me right i.e. not lazy. 

After so long with someone whose job is so "high speed" you start to get tired of it, I'm tired of missing my best friend and of the SAT phone cutting off. I am tired of this lifestyle. I want a home, kids, decent sized yard and a detached barn style garage for portraits.. I want the mundaneness of A coming home day after day, tired and only wanting to hang out with the dog. I want to actually have time to plan out my life more than a month or week in advance..

I am proud of A, don't get me wrong, but A isn't everything.. do you know how hard it I just want to tell people he works in an office doing adjustments or something equally boring?? Everyday. I stopped even bringing up the fact that he's in the military, when people ask I always get the same question "so has he killed anyone?" Uh.. none of your business? The second someone finds out he's military its like my accomplishments don't matter, just that I've stood by his side.. well guess what, it isn't that hard to be there for someone, it probably harder on him to be there for me, than the other way around. In the last few years I've discovered the importance of being proud, but in a quiet manner. I no longer flaunt his job, his successes or the things that truly don't matter to him, instead I talk about him as a person. He's more than a uniform and this lifestyle is just a temporary speed bump in what we really want. 

Like I said, I am proud, A is my best friend and he does so much for this country by just being overseas.. without him someone else would have to be there.. and while it sucks, I would rather it be him than the guy with kids. But this "lifestyle" isn't ours, and the military can keep it...along with the rest of the crap we don't care about. 


Sunday, October 14, 2012


My big sister is moving to Washington!!!!!! I'm so excited, I finally get to have my best friend (girl) in my life again, full time, and my very own fashion expert. Seriously, you have no idea. 
K & I are four years apart, and it took us living apart for the last 5 years to really value our friendship as sisters.. so to say having her be here is amazing is probably an understatement. 

I can't wait. 
These next 1.5 month(s) will hopefully go by quickly, since I get two great presents before Christmas it truly makes life better... now if only A could come home early.. hmmm. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

who I want to be

I want to be that woman, yes woman, who you look at and say "look at her go, Ms. got everything together" but lets face it.. it'll never happen. I'm okay with this. 
I want to be an amazing photographer.
I want to ROCK my new job so hard that I get promoted in three months! 
I want to be more Godly, I want to live through Him and His word.. and I fail all the time. 
I want to be more positive. 

I want to be a professional
best friend
I want to be all of these things, because all of these things mean something to me.
I want to be the kind of person that my parents would be proud of, God would shine down on and my (someday) children can look back and say "that's my mom, she's rad" cause my kids will say rad.

In the end... I'll be myself, I'll become this woman and in the end I'll have so many other women to thank for becoming the person I have/will become. 
This is random, but I found out that Jen Burgess -photographer- passed away from her fight with ovarian cancer this morning, this wonderful and compassionate mother, wife, daughter and follower of Christ... I read her blog once -beginning to end- and was just put in awe at the kind of woman she is was.. all I can think is that I will someday be woman like herself. With her strength and the beauty she saw the world, even in the wake her diagnosis. 

I want to be like her.. and I can say this about many, many women in my life. Thank you. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

a little lump

So its October, YAY! We -women, and most everyone- knows what October & October is breast cancer awareness month. Around the beginning of September I had a genius idea to get a physical which is pretty important to do as a woman and you know.. I hate needles, doctors and all things that involve a pelvic exam. 

Well during this exam I was talking to my doctor about the boob history of my family, and this is all while she was giving my boobs a feel.. when she goes "you know there's a lump in your left breast" and I am fairly sure that my response was to have the color drain from my face and say "no" literally one of the scariest things to hear at 24 years of age. The mood of the room is quickly changed from laughter to seriousness, words like "tests, breast cancer and lymph node" are thrown out as well as "immediately/concerning" my doctor was worried, which worried me. Literally after 10 minutes of me sitting there thinking that I am an idiot for not checking my own boobs, and running across the hall to make an appointment for the following week I was able to go sit in my car and just have a moment of freak out.

I informed those closest to me, I figured it was important.. A my dad and grandma, the people who know me best. I kept the majority of it under wraps and felt that it was probably a good thing. I missed my first appointment and I was angry as all get out! I think part of that situation led to me being let go, but to be honest.. my boss was extremely inconsiderate and I am not at all against putting this out there. I felt like she didn't respect me enough to ensure my health was a priority to her, I was literally let go that following Sunday and my new appt was on that Tuesday. 
I showed up, nervous, and laid down as they ultra-sounded my boob, yup cause at my age mammograms have a tendency to be only used after an ultrasound has discovered something of concern.
My lump was cause by excess tissue (big boobs) cause fluid to become trapped.. it would break down eventually... and I was so, so thankful for my ultrasound tech Chicken (she told me to call her it) who was very calming and reassuring to me during the whole appointment. 

I wont lie to you, its scary to think that I didn't even know I had a lump in my breast.. we are told every year to examine ourselves, to pay attention and to see our doctor if we felt something. I didn't examine myself, I can say I have since this experience, but it is hard to remember. The biggest thing I've taken out of this is that early detection is key, doctors reiterated this to me before and after knowing the results of my test... take a moment and feel your boobs, get to know them so you know what feels out of the ordinary. Sharing this part of my life is only here to remind you others who are in your twenties that it IS possible for us to get breast cancer and we should start listening to our doctors when they say to self exam! 
- Acacia 

Friday, September 28, 2012

where have I been?!

I've been nannying, then I got let go, so now I'm ninja-ing. But really, I start training for a new job next Tuesday -wish me luck- and have been topsy turvy with everything else. 
The summer came and went, rather quickly, and fall is now upon us all. No getting kids to school, just getting myself ready for work. I bought heels.. that's a little short of a miracle for myself, I'm pretty much against being tall, I have an aversion towards it. But they were cute. 
Bru is turning ONE next month, A gets home somewhere around the start of all our festivities aka thanksgiving and Christmas. 
I learned a lot about myself, I've been thinking of going back to ombre hair, I used to have it.. then I was like "BLONDE" and now I'm all "CANT AFFORD!" So back to being cheap. 
I joined the Y just down the road, I'll be getting my workout on, lucky for me my schedule for the next 9 weeks puts me at work around 3 and off around 11pm (swing shift!) so I'll be able to workout in the mornings and still basically have a normal life.. when A gets home it'll be interesting, opposite schedules and all. 
I hope that this new shift allows me time to be on here, blogging and re-building a follower base. I am so sorry to have been gone. Life just gets in the way, all the darn time. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Just a little something that reminds me of a certain someone.. at times 

I carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart) 
I am never without it (anywhere I go you go, my dear; and whatever is done by only me is your doing, my darling) 

I fear no fate (for you are my fate, my sweet) 
I want no world (for beautiful you are my world, my true) and its you whatever a moon has always meant and whatever a sun will always sing is you. 

Here is the deepest secret nobody knows (here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows higher than soul can hope or mind can hide) 
and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart. 

I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart) 

even when you piss me off, make me want to hit you over the head with a frying pan -50s style- I seem to recall the reasons why I love you.

Here's to a life full of realistic goals and expectations.. anger, and hopefully more laughter than either of us can handle. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

three years

Its hard to think that three years ago I met A and we bonded over a bottle of tequila, kings cup and our mutual love for his bed (sorry dad) 
2009, after we first met.
Its hard to believe that you've been my best friend, confidant and a huge motivator for me these last few years. Whenever I feel like I'm not good enough, or when I say I can't you bring up the fact that when I lost my job last December, I had an interview almost every week and got a new job in three weeks. 

After deployment #1 2010

The biggest achievement for us is probably having stayed together through thick and thin. We've had our ups and downs, we've had a breakup and we've also had to deal with incredibly silly drama.. throughout three deployments and on top of some of the hardest months of our lives. You've been my rock when things went down the tubes and I can only hope the same for you.  
Zoo lights, right before 2011
 And now that we're counting up the years together, we constantly get the "well when are you getting married?" question, and while I'm incredibly impatient, you're worth the wait, even if we're in our 30's.. though I hope you don't wait that long! 
Family pictures 2012
Happy three years babe, and here's to a few more years of us being incredible. 

ps: you kinda smell for deploying all the time. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

One more year

Call me crazy, but I enjoy getting older. 

I'm 24 now, that would be twenty + four which equals twenty-four, only one more year till I'm half way to fifty (which is 24+24) which means I've lived a good portion of my life. Sort of. 
The last four years have been some interesting ones. Made some giant mistakes, then made some better decisions. Kept my head mostly on my shoulders... fell in love, like legitimate love. Had my heart broken for the first time.. only in my twenties. Did some fun things i.e. went to Maui, snowboarding, photography, got a dog.. wore some awesome "not acceptable for public functions" hats. Met some bloggers, then met some friends, made some music and art. 
I can remember my first day in the Northwest, living here, and remember the last time I was in Arizona.. I remember the friends I had thought I'd made, but turned out.. were really great players. I've learned my lesson on a manner of things, and now I'm just patiently waiting to see what my next road will be. Will I PCS with A, or maybe take a wonderful trip by myself? 
Will I go to Europe, school.. further my photography or maybe just cash it all in and finally become a folk artist like dad said I would.

That's the fun part about life. I don't know. 

But I'm another year older, another year closer to maybe being wiser and definitely less mature than I was yesterday.. okay I'm mature, but I refuse to grow up. 
Was my birthday good? Yes, I saw my dad for the first time in three years. My dad can easily be called one of my best friends.. thanks dad! 

I'll post pictures and events and what not later.. but right now, I have to do what all grownups hate doing.. go to bed and not waste my time. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

two months

It has been exactly two months since I dropped A off at his squadron.. I can remember that when I came home that morning the bed was still warm from where we were sleeping.
A laughs, cause I can sleep anywhere, but when he leaves my sleep is kinda messed up. 

Sometimes I wonder what life will be like without the military. Where will we live (Oregon) what will we do (be awesome) and how will it be waking up everyday knowing you wont go to war again.. (amazing) 
We've had our fair share of bad news this deployment, after Trevor passing.. and then your grams and my great uncle. But the upside is my dad is meeting your parents in a couple weeks.. how bass akwards is that?! Yeah my dad hasn't met A, but that's cause I haven't seen my dad in three years and every time he wanted to try and visit, A was gone! 

We only have a few more months to go... then the real fun starts, more separation! But this time its better, its for our future.. for us as a family, its always amazing how much I can miss you being annoying and getting on my nerves.. or walking in the house to see you sleeping on the couch. Its all I can do not to poke you in the nose and wake you up. 
You're my best friend, and I hate these deployments, but I'd go through twenty thousand more if it meant I could spend my life with you.. now just hurry up and get home! 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

color run 2012

Back in May I ran the color run with some pretty amazing friends, both old and new, and its only taken me a little over two months to share them on a blog.. or even write about this experience. 
I'm no runner, marathons aren't my homeboy and these little 5k's are new to me and despite the gearing up and what not, no on can prepare you for the THOUSANDS of people who are there waiting to get painted. 
Me, Jelena & her beau Thomas
We all started off running, having a grand old time, until we reached the first "color spot" where we came to a screeching halt. Everyone and their mother -even some homeless guy- were in line to get painted. We had a lot of fun though, just goofing around and taking pictures. Obviously I took a point & shoot since I'm psycho about my DSLR. 
the "crayola crazies" we had a team 
 We had no times, we ran and had fun and got to experience a beautiful Seattle morning.. my only sad part? A didn't participate, the AF kept jerking us around with a TDY and in the end we had no idea you could register the day of. But happy me, he was such a supportive person, he took pictures and then we all went to lunch at the Crab Pot (SO GOOD!) 
A & myself :) he was against getting painted 
 Overall, I'm happy to have had the experience I did, I'm looking forward to running next year, but maybe keeping my own time.. I like to know how I do when I run. I was very fortunate to run with a group of close friends who were more than motivational. If you ever have the chance.. do it.
oh pretty colors! 
Its literally the "happiest 5k in the world" :) 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

missing you

Hasn't gotten any easier over the last three years.. in fact.. just when I thought it had, we hit the 50 day mark and I realize after a skype -the third one in 50 days- call that I'm not immune and my heart hurts badly. 
When this deployment started things seemed weird, I could go about my regular schedule and sort of continue on the same sleep pattern. I missed you, but the gut wrenching feeling was gone, I know this is our last "forced" deployment.. any others will be by volunteer.. granted only if you make this new job. I had Bru, my days are full and if anything I can't find the time to sit and actually write you a decent letter. Then tonight.. I'm sitting here talking on twitter to some awesome ladies, getting my hopes up to see your face and you say those dreaded words "comms blackout" on email and I just.. feel empty, my heart sinks and I'm sad. I truly thought I'd see your face! But thank whoever decided to hold off, because for 30 minutes I could stare at your blue eyes and only make jokes and talk about training options for Bru, it was like you were here... and then you had to go to work and we had to say bye. No matter how silly we were, how serious or anything, goodbyes suck. I find myself sitting at the computer being talked at by our puppy and just wishing that you were here.. that you weren't there and that we could actually live our lives without some interruption from the military. I wish you'd gotten out at times like this, I wish we'd moved to Oregon and just.. been normal. 

Everyday you're gone is one more day I add onto the list of things I want back.. things that I wont get back. Anniversaries, birthdays and kisses. The laughter that used to fill our home and chaos, this stuff is all gone, every time you leave.. and despite my sunny disposition, I can't help but be jealous of every person who doesn't deal with this and gets to lay next to their loved one every night... but jealousy is bad and I'm not about to be petty. 
I love you, A. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

great adventures, great goals.

I'm finding that as I grow older, I long to go on adventures and travel.. but lots locally. I have time to see the Eiffel Tower and go to the Great Wall -hopefully- but until I can afford to go on such lavish adventures.. might as well start with my own backyard. 

So now I bring you to: The Bucket List (its a title, it gets caps) 
Not your average bucket list, this is my PNW bucket list, what I must do before we either PCS or I move to another place. The PNW has always had a special place in my heart, not so much Washington,  but Oregon. I spent summers here as a child with my grandparents and cousins, and longed to move here after graduating high school.. but some situations arose and before I knew it I was headed down a path that seemed so not me I was on my way to being a bride, to living my life being a housewife. After the Navy deal, I moved to Dallas, OR which is by all means a small, small town. But I was surrounded by family and people I really wanted to get to know.. but then I grew restless and idiotic again. I moved to Washington, got myself a 9-5 at a daycare and promptly began hating my life.. loathing it and here I've been.. sitting in my tiny little house with my giant dog and not really embracing where I live. I've done some shooting, some swimming and some boating.. but not really traveled. Last summer I got an itch, I hiked a little of Mt. Rainier! But now its time to REALLY embrace it. Become a Northwesterner and love where I am. -Some of this was brought on by my recent readings of Wild by Cheryl Strayed) 

PCT of Washington Via

Visit at least 10 spots of the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail)
Visit the Olympic Rain Forrest
Try paddle boarding on the Puget Sound
Go kyaking
Visit Alki beach in Seattle
Go snowboarding at Crystal Mountain
Visit all the "weird" landmarks of Seattle
Go whale watching
Go to Eastern Washington

Knowing the military and their awesomeness -and also the boyfriend- I have about two years to accomplish this, maybe more.. who knows, I don't want to give myself a small time frame, I want to enjoy ALL this state has to offer. The drinking and night life, the idiotic people I run into from post.. all the things that make me want to leave are not truly what this state has to offer.
Washington isn't my "home" Oregon is, but since I'm not in Oregon.. I might as well enjoy this temporary state of living. 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Oh heyyyyy


ok.. its been awhile.. and I'm a terrible blogger and life seems to have gotten the better of me.. we finally had some sunshine, I went on my bosses boat which was pretty exciting! I saw Rainier in a whole new manner.. in the middle of a freaking lake. 

I went on a cleaning/decorating spree with my house, though we'll only be here for another year (maybe) or so. I've finally started putting pictures up, and ordering some sweet home state prints for A & myself. Obviously AZ & OR, but with WA in the middle with "where it all began" its kind of a surprise for A when he gets back, speaking of, we're OVER A MONTH DOWN WOOOOOOFREAKINGHOOOOOOOO! This deployment is going quickly, A is busy and so am I... which makes for mundane conversations, but at least I'm that much closer to being with him again.

My dad is coming to town in a few weeks for my twenty-fourth birthday, yeah buddy! Mr. Dad and & I go way back.. like to conception.. and we're pretty much the same -just ask mom- so I'm excited to introduce him to some of my favorite Washington haunts and some of the people in this world of mine. 

Bru baby is doing well, at 8 months he's just over 100lbs and standing at my hips, well his head is. My Brutus is such a big guy :) and he melts my heart a lot.. except when he digs, that gets under my skin.

I hope at some point (probably September) I'll be able to start making picture posts and what not, being that I have a "desk top" laptop kinda makes it difficult to want to come into this office.. maybe if I decorate it?? I guess I could start.


Sunday, July 8, 2012

it takes time

Usually I reserve the 5th of July as a day of remembering my grandpa, as a time to not bother my mom.. but I found out something rad! 
My mom saw fireworks! This is huge, mainly because in the last 30 years she's never (to my memory or knowledge) celebrated the fourth with any of us. Before you call her a bad mom or something, remember her dad died on the 5th, his favorite holiday was the 4th and she was married on June 30th.. do the math. 
It takes time to heal.. and I can only say that I'm thankful she's actually healing.. though my mom and I don't talk, or really do much of anything but say hello on the holidays and send gifts, I like to think that the next 30+ years (she may never die) are going to be ones of happiness.. but hearing this gives me hope for my own healing, for the healing of my friends and family who've lost someone. 

Saturday, June 30, 2012

a busy life

Sometimes I wonder how there aren't more hours in the day. Seriously. I've been busy, between Bru, work and sleep I have about 2-3 extra hours usually spent cleaning/work prep or talk to A if possible. I can't believe we're almost a whole month down! 
I started a new bible study "Soul Detox" by she reads truth, its pretty rad. I feel like I am able to identify and conquer my negative or toxic thoughts. Its a good feeling. Aside from that, work is work, insane and fun. O is off school so there are more big kid activities, and if Washington would cooperate we'd be able to play in the baby pool.. but of course it isn't! I wish I could get into blogging more, bring myself to set aside time for it.. I guess it'll be a random happening. 
Sorry for being busy, but at least it means I'm working, living and having a good life. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

times I hate being involved with the military

When I was younger I never pictured my life semi revolving around a man and his job, or following someone to the ends of the Earth. I never thought one day I'd cry by the grave of a soldier who held me in their arms at one point.. I never thought this would happen. I was also a child, and war was a distant thing, something that happened to our parents. 
Obviously 9/11 changed that. 
I've been blessed in this world to know many fine soldiers and their families, airmen, sailors and marines. I've also had to say goodbye to a select few.. and this last Tuesday someone who I was so glad to get to know over the last year had to say goodbye to her loved one. 
SPC Trevor Pinnick died fighting the "good fight" in Afghanistan on June 12, 2012. 
He leaves behind a beautiful wife and daughter, who at two, is really lucky to not know what's happening.. but has to deal with not having her amazing father around. 
Pre-deployment portraits I took in 2011

I didn't know at the time taking the picture above, that would be the  one that stays with her forever.. I didn't know saying things like "Smile, Martha needs some thing to look at when you're away" would turn into the picture she will cling to for the rest of her life.
I wish more than anything that I could take this away, more than anything this hadn't happened and we could all just continue on with our lives.. that in two months he'd come home.. he'd embrace his family at a ceremony. Rather than be laid down with his fallen brothers.. rather than have a wife and daughter miss him forever.

can someone remind me what these sacrifices really mean, because right now I feel like something is shattered and not a damn person cares.. not a normal person. Not someone who sleeps next to their loved one every single night where is his parade for sacrificing watching his little girl grow up?

I love you guys, and I hope that someday you can know, Mel, that your father was so much more than a hero... he's the best man in the world for doing what he did and you should know he loves you more than anything. From heaven he's looking down at such a lovely little girl saying "that's my girl" know he's there with every milestone and setback.
Martha, I can only pray that the pain you're feeling will someday subside and you find as much joy in what you had with him as possible. I love you, you're one of the greatest women I've ever met.. you are stronger than anyone I know.
I hope God can wrap them in his arms and help them through all of this..
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/nhdNG_ebbTg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Sunday, June 17, 2012

hello, hello, hello!

I guess starting a new blog twice in one year is kinda crazy, but finding my "blog home" is pretty important in order for me to even continue blogging. You may remember me from "The NOT TACP wife" which later changed to "the best of me" then was promptly deleted. HA! 
This blog is non-centered.. meaning? Well, its about everything and anything.. like it says "Love, life and some hello's" since a lot of being in the current career field of A, we say "see ya" a lot and so we get a lot more hello's than most. 
Obviously he's a TACP, but not for long. :) 
After this week, I decided to go full force into blogging again.. it was one of those weeks that just knocks you on your bum time and time again. So I found some comfort in (terribly) designing my blog.. any help is welcome *hint* so here I am, the twenty something living in the Northwest with a giant malamute, who at seven months is almost 90 lbs, and sans boyfriend of three years because he's off galavanting in God knows where. 
And here I am, blogging before I have to run off to church! I bet you're just itching to know more, but I suppose saving more for another date is wise.. especially since I really need to get going. Enjoy this place, I hope I will.. and keep A and all his guys in your prayers if ya don't mind.