Wednesday, January 30, 2013

morning lovelies

Every morning I find myself craving and loving that I have my devotional/Bible study time to myself. I find that I set aside enough time to eat breakfast, drink coffee and do some social media but I've been setting aside more time for God, more time to read His Word and to pray. I am seeing a difference in myself, how I act and my own happiness.. its pretty awesome if you ask me. 

I'm trying to find a balance within my photography blogging and this blogging.. I really need some kiddos for my portfolio as well as more couples or just people who need shots for their blog, website or so on. Let me know if you're interested! 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Dear Washington

Though my love for you truly knows no bounds.. could ya warm up a bit, or snow? See I have arthritis and your constant bipolar weather -of late- has truly thrown my knee and should through some horrendous swelling and massive pain. Now see, I get it, you want to be the "cool" state, but New York has a hold on the hipster nation and you're really just starting to make me mad and happy that we're leaving you. 
Now buck up, do some snow or sun or warmth.. just stop with your constant mind games! 

ps: I did love the break this weekend, sunny AND not in the 40s ... woooowhee I was in heaven.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Living for Him

So.. lets talk faith, lets get down to the nitty gritty of faith.. 

So I am Christian, this meaning I follow Christ and fully believe He died for me. 
Do I always live up to the sacrifice He made? Nope, not even close.
Do I constantly mess up and have to ask for forgiveness? Yes, all.the.time 
So what exactly is the nitty gritty? 

...coming to terms with the fact that I slipped into my old ways
drinking, cursing, no modesty and yes... being the ultimate sinner, living a life that Christ wouldn't like. 
Boom, there I was the other day (lets say December when Jessica came home) and here is my beautiful friend, giving her all to Christ and letting Him take her sins, take her hurt and just being overjoyed with the fact that HE IS! I start thinking. Contemplating. Praying. 
These prayers led me to Fresh Start.
Fresh Start led me to coming clean about sins, feeling like He was calling me and tugging on my heart.. 
and that led to me wanting to worship HIM to constantly praise HIM and to live my life for HIM. 
Why? Because my family looks "down" (it seems that way to me, my family has never really been on board with my faith) on it.
A is almost there, but questions it 
and my past should keep me from Him, but it doesn't. 

So here I am, opening myself up for ridicule, for those who say "she's at it again" that my faith is shallow, like myself, and that I'm doing this for the attention. But I truly feel that I am turning a page, beginning anew and wouldn't be able to do that without His grace & mercy. 
But if anyone would like to help along the way, be my friend or sister in Christ, please ... don't hesitate. I am unable to go to my church, hopefully that changes soon! but I am always up for fellowship and if you're in Washington we should meet up for coffee.. because I need friends with similar faith and that's what I feel is important on this road. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

I have an iPad

So... I got an iPad from A for Christmas.. pretty nifty, right? But I have NO idea what apps rock, what social media I need to connect with and 

Look at me all fancy with my iPad, but what to do?! 
Ps I dyed my hair 

Remember when I was blonde? Yeah, nope, natural color boomsikizzle! Until I decide that being a brunette stinks and go for blonde again -any bidders? 

SO any advice for the iPad? I wanted a blog follow app that allowed me to comment, but alas, I still need my computer! And I would LOVE for some cute areas to get some accessories.. I have this extremely boring one from A. 
So yeah.. HELP! 
PS... She reads truth is starting the Soul Detox devo, so anyone wanna be buddies & have a weekly discussion via skype or email? Let me know in a comment with your email ooOOOoooR email me at: hellolovelyblogATblogspotDOTcom 
till next time ladies 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Time moves swiftly

I picked A up from his squadron... about two months ago and he leaves again for his new job (YAY!) training in March. Its a little bittersweet for me, I'm not going to speak for him. We were sitting there thinking about how we can spend more time together -hi there full time job, photography AND gym - and we came to the conclusion that we really should look at me moving with him. I've been pretty steadfast in saying no, but then we calculated out the actual time we've spent together in three years.. subtract 3 deployments (1.5 year(s) then about 3-4 TDYs during that six month "down time" and also in some other schools that he's done, vacations to his parents, which unfortunately I don't always get to go on.. we've been together for about six months. Yeah. So to all those pushing us to get married or for him to "man up" maybe take a look at it from our side? 

So this is my semi-kinda informal way of saying that A & I will be moving to his next duty station together! 

Any ways, some awesome big things happened for myself, well and A.. I bought a new car -can't remember if I told you guys.. - its a red 2005 corolla named Lola -thank you Vicky!- and I just shot the most adorable maternity session, but am waiting for baby E to make his arrival to write about it -any day now baby!!- I've made it to being the #2 spot on my team at work, the person in front of me only has about 200 calls on me.. so I'll get there. 

Oh I've found She Reads Truth which is an AMAZING community of women in Christ! Seriously, this last devotional we did was AH-MAY-ZING called Fresh Start... I was able to lay it all out there, not be judged and just revel in the fact that God chose to save me, of all people, and that I need to scream this from the roof tops!! But for realsies, check them out, even if you just want to know more about God, about the Bible.. check them out :) but be prepared to have all of yourself changed by His awesome word. 

Well, I suppose I should run off to work now, its insane how time flies in the morning hour. I will be blogging on a more regular basis now that I have my schedule back on track.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Oh my how time flies!

Hello everyone and hellllllloooooo 2013! I'm still here busy as a bee and working on some big things, great changes and a more Christ centered life.

I have been doing this disappearing act with everyone, so don't feel like you're the only ones. This weekend I plan on sitting down to start looking at a blog designer and getting more things written to keep you all entertained. I'm revamping my photography as well, working on getting a better name out there with the work to show it which is why I am offering four free sessions a month (newborns and weddings are not free, sorry!) so if you're in the puget sound/western Washington area please email me ASAP as spots are filling up! I'll post more later on this.
Love y'all