Friday, December 7, 2012

Photo dump and...

So for starters, sorry I've not been around! I know people may have thought I died.. okay you probably just thought I'd stopped blogging completely, but I didn't.  Instead I have somewhat of a photo dump so you guys just buckle up and be prepared for the amazing-ness that shall follow! 
So first off look at me and my boy! Remember when I went camping (uh I posted about it on twitter) well Bru & I were all sorts of "white trash" that day. I mean.. I was wearing cut offs with my PINK sweater and brown bear claw boots. Basically went against anything that normal people would wear. It was fun. 

Bru & I are pretty much BFFs and we like to have moments.. constantly. 

So this is my work BFF named Brett, he's amazing and loves musicals, acting and going to cheese fries and totally mess up my diet!! But its okay, though now we don't get to spend our lunches together I still get to sit across from him and tell him when people hit on me or he ever so nicely stays an extra 30 minutes after his schedule when I get a HORRIBLE customer on the phone. Seriously, you guys need to treat cust care with respect.. cause otherwise you wont get what you want! 

So my sister and her boyfriend Dave were staying with me and I inherited a bajillion scarves. THANK YOU SEESTER! 

This is from my Oregon trip with Bru & my dad.. whoops.. I need to definitely upload those pictures up. 

So about a week and a half before A got home I got a really bad flu, the flu turned into a cough and I bruised ribs (which are still bruised ALL over my ribcage) and one night after work I'd had enough, so my sister (in the back) and Dave took me to urgent care. Thank you! Diagnosed with an upper resp infection -duh?- and give codine -thank you?- but yeah.. this mask made me feel like I was a zombie.

And then....
A CAME HOME!!!!!!!!! 

Having my boys together for the first time in MONTHS was amazing, Bru was so excited! He has been attached to A's hip since he got home and its pretty adorable -also takes a load off of me- another great thing is that A is on leave for a good long while so I have gotten a GREAT break :) thank you A! Though I don't enjoy having Bru jump up in our bed, he never does that and all of a sudden when A got home it was all I'm gonna be in the bed now! Dork. 

My handsome :) 

A brought me the American flag that he carried with him in Afghanistan. Its pretty fantastic and I can't wait to put it in a shadow box and get a plaque for it.. this is such an amazing gift because its from his last deployment as a TACP. More on that later, but oh my, I am excited. 

That's all for now folks, thanks for hanging with my photo dump/A's home post.. I'll be trying to post a few more times this month AND I've put some great blog ideas on paper. :) 
lots of love

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