Tuesday, November 13, 2012

living with my big sister 2.0

Coming from a family of four kids and being the youngest you really realize later on in life how much you like living with your siblings
Me (baby) keelan (brother) and kira off to the left is tally the other sister

The biggest thing I've come to love about my sister being here for the next few weeks is that 1. she cleans and I don't have to, and 2. her boyfriend is a great cook! But really, she's my sister and its nice to have family around. We get to talk about fashion and life and get things squared away.. I've looked at the apartments she & Dave are searching for and found that.. HEY maybe in a few months when A PCSs I'll be looking for something similar! Its nice to also have someone in your corner.. I feel a lot through living in WA that people suck.. and therefore having someone who you automatically call a friend/sister is the best thing ever. 

Us in seattle 2011

We used to fight and get on each others nerves, we also used to think the other was constantly annoying! But now that we're in our 20's have lived in other states and gotten to actually know each other aside from being sisters... we're friends.

I look forward to hanging out with my sister and having her around.. I can only tell other little sisters that it does get better, your siblings DO become your friends and they don't hate you all the time (if you fought like us, you probably understand) 

so heres to being family and having a mutual interest in face making, noises and calling Dave a douche (its a joke) 

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