Tuesday, August 7, 2012

two months

It has been exactly two months since I dropped A off at his squadron.. I can remember that when I came home that morning the bed was still warm from where we were sleeping.
A laughs, cause I can sleep anywhere, but when he leaves my sleep is kinda messed up. 

Sometimes I wonder what life will be like without the military. Where will we live (Oregon) what will we do (be awesome) and how will it be waking up everyday knowing you wont go to war again.. (amazing) 
We've had our fair share of bad news this deployment, after Trevor passing.. and then your grams and my great uncle. But the upside is my dad is meeting your parents in a couple weeks.. how bass akwards is that?! Yeah my dad hasn't met A, but that's cause I haven't seen my dad in three years and every time he wanted to try and visit, A was gone! 

We only have a few more months to go... then the real fun starts, more separation! But this time its better, its for our future.. for us as a family, its always amazing how much I can miss you being annoying and getting on my nerves.. or walking in the house to see you sleeping on the couch. Its all I can do not to poke you in the nose and wake you up. 
You're my best friend, and I hate these deployments, but I'd go through twenty thousand more if it meant I could spend my life with you.. now just hurry up and get home! 

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