Thursday, July 26, 2012

color run 2012

Back in May I ran the color run with some pretty amazing friends, both old and new, and its only taken me a little over two months to share them on a blog.. or even write about this experience. 
I'm no runner, marathons aren't my homeboy and these little 5k's are new to me and despite the gearing up and what not, no on can prepare you for the THOUSANDS of people who are there waiting to get painted. 
Me, Jelena & her beau Thomas
We all started off running, having a grand old time, until we reached the first "color spot" where we came to a screeching halt. Everyone and their mother -even some homeless guy- were in line to get painted. We had a lot of fun though, just goofing around and taking pictures. Obviously I took a point & shoot since I'm psycho about my DSLR. 
the "crayola crazies" we had a team 
 We had no times, we ran and had fun and got to experience a beautiful Seattle morning.. my only sad part? A didn't participate, the AF kept jerking us around with a TDY and in the end we had no idea you could register the day of. But happy me, he was such a supportive person, he took pictures and then we all went to lunch at the Crab Pot (SO GOOD!) 
A & myself :) he was against getting painted 
 Overall, I'm happy to have had the experience I did, I'm looking forward to running next year, but maybe keeping my own time.. I like to know how I do when I run. I was very fortunate to run with a group of close friends who were more than motivational. If you ever have the chance.. do it.
oh pretty colors! 
Its literally the "happiest 5k in the world" :) 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

missing you

Hasn't gotten any easier over the last three years.. in fact.. just when I thought it had, we hit the 50 day mark and I realize after a skype -the third one in 50 days- call that I'm not immune and my heart hurts badly. 
When this deployment started things seemed weird, I could go about my regular schedule and sort of continue on the same sleep pattern. I missed you, but the gut wrenching feeling was gone, I know this is our last "forced" deployment.. any others will be by volunteer.. granted only if you make this new job. I had Bru, my days are full and if anything I can't find the time to sit and actually write you a decent letter. Then tonight.. I'm sitting here talking on twitter to some awesome ladies, getting my hopes up to see your face and you say those dreaded words "comms blackout" on email and I just.. feel empty, my heart sinks and I'm sad. I truly thought I'd see your face! But thank whoever decided to hold off, because for 30 minutes I could stare at your blue eyes and only make jokes and talk about training options for Bru, it was like you were here... and then you had to go to work and we had to say bye. No matter how silly we were, how serious or anything, goodbyes suck. I find myself sitting at the computer being talked at by our puppy and just wishing that you were here.. that you weren't there and that we could actually live our lives without some interruption from the military. I wish you'd gotten out at times like this, I wish we'd moved to Oregon and just.. been normal. 

Everyday you're gone is one more day I add onto the list of things I want back.. things that I wont get back. Anniversaries, birthdays and kisses. The laughter that used to fill our home and chaos, this stuff is all gone, every time you leave.. and despite my sunny disposition, I can't help but be jealous of every person who doesn't deal with this and gets to lay next to their loved one every night... but jealousy is bad and I'm not about to be petty. 
I love you, A. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

great adventures, great goals.

I'm finding that as I grow older, I long to go on adventures and travel.. but lots locally. I have time to see the Eiffel Tower and go to the Great Wall -hopefully- but until I can afford to go on such lavish adventures.. might as well start with my own backyard. 

So now I bring you to: The Bucket List (its a title, it gets caps) 
Not your average bucket list, this is my PNW bucket list, what I must do before we either PCS or I move to another place. The PNW has always had a special place in my heart, not so much Washington,  but Oregon. I spent summers here as a child with my grandparents and cousins, and longed to move here after graduating high school.. but some situations arose and before I knew it I was headed down a path that seemed so not me I was on my way to being a bride, to living my life being a housewife. After the Navy deal, I moved to Dallas, OR which is by all means a small, small town. But I was surrounded by family and people I really wanted to get to know.. but then I grew restless and idiotic again. I moved to Washington, got myself a 9-5 at a daycare and promptly began hating my life.. loathing it and here I've been.. sitting in my tiny little house with my giant dog and not really embracing where I live. I've done some shooting, some swimming and some boating.. but not really traveled. Last summer I got an itch, I hiked a little of Mt. Rainier! But now its time to REALLY embrace it. Become a Northwesterner and love where I am. -Some of this was brought on by my recent readings of Wild by Cheryl Strayed) 

PCT of Washington Via

Visit at least 10 spots of the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail)
Visit the Olympic Rain Forrest
Try paddle boarding on the Puget Sound
Go kyaking
Visit Alki beach in Seattle
Go snowboarding at Crystal Mountain
Visit all the "weird" landmarks of Seattle
Go whale watching
Go to Eastern Washington

Knowing the military and their awesomeness -and also the boyfriend- I have about two years to accomplish this, maybe more.. who knows, I don't want to give myself a small time frame, I want to enjoy ALL this state has to offer. The drinking and night life, the idiotic people I run into from post.. all the things that make me want to leave are not truly what this state has to offer.
Washington isn't my "home" Oregon is, but since I'm not in Oregon.. I might as well enjoy this temporary state of living. 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Oh heyyyyy


ok.. its been awhile.. and I'm a terrible blogger and life seems to have gotten the better of me.. we finally had some sunshine, I went on my bosses boat which was pretty exciting! I saw Rainier in a whole new manner.. in the middle of a freaking lake. 

I went on a cleaning/decorating spree with my house, though we'll only be here for another year (maybe) or so. I've finally started putting pictures up, and ordering some sweet home state prints for A & myself. Obviously AZ & OR, but with WA in the middle with "where it all began" its kind of a surprise for A when he gets back, speaking of, we're OVER A MONTH DOWN WOOOOOOFREAKINGHOOOOOOOO! This deployment is going quickly, A is busy and so am I... which makes for mundane conversations, but at least I'm that much closer to being with him again.

My dad is coming to town in a few weeks for my twenty-fourth birthday, yeah buddy! Mr. Dad and & I go way back.. like to conception.. and we're pretty much the same -just ask mom- so I'm excited to introduce him to some of my favorite Washington haunts and some of the people in this world of mine. 

Bru baby is doing well, at 8 months he's just over 100lbs and standing at my hips, well his head is. My Brutus is such a big guy :) and he melts my heart a lot.. except when he digs, that gets under my skin.

I hope at some point (probably September) I'll be able to start making picture posts and what not, being that I have a "desk top" laptop kinda makes it difficult to want to come into this office.. maybe if I decorate it?? I guess I could start.


Sunday, July 8, 2012

it takes time

Usually I reserve the 5th of July as a day of remembering my grandpa, as a time to not bother my mom.. but I found out something rad! 
My mom saw fireworks! This is huge, mainly because in the last 30 years she's never (to my memory or knowledge) celebrated the fourth with any of us. Before you call her a bad mom or something, remember her dad died on the 5th, his favorite holiday was the 4th and she was married on June 30th.. do the math. 
It takes time to heal.. and I can only say that I'm thankful she's actually healing.. though my mom and I don't talk, or really do much of anything but say hello on the holidays and send gifts, I like to think that the next 30+ years (she may never die) are going to be ones of happiness.. but hearing this gives me hope for my own healing, for the healing of my friends and family who've lost someone.