Saturday, April 27, 2013

Long Exposure Photography | Titlow Beach, University Place WA

So Easter weekend I took advantage of the beautiful weather and took some long exposure shots at a beautiful spot in UP/Tacoma called Titlow Beach. I've done pictures with A here, shot an "engagement" session there and also just hung out with my pup. He loves to swim and try to eat seagulls. I look forward to experimenting with long exposure for the remainder of our time in Washington.. I'd like to take one of the lake at the base of Mt. Rainier.. or in the Olympic Peninsula.  But until the summer, these are what I have! 
PS to check out any other photography check out my site here.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Oh Spring

So Washington finally decided to lighten up on the rain and cold and bring us a few days of sunshine. Needless to say Brutus and I have been enjoying having windows and back door open with him prancing in and out while I get spring cleaning started. 

A & I are still waiting -hanging by the skin of our teeth- for orders... I'm impatient, why? Because I'm looking at starting school full time when we move. I'll be happy to finally be starting my way to becoming something, I've decided to perhaps give up on teaching.. I don't have the passion or drive, the last nanny job I had really ruined my love for it. I've been talking to A's mom about physical therapy because that's what she does. She helps elderly, children and so on... I was in PT for over 5 years for my back, knee and shoulder and before I moved from AZ I was considering this career path.. I feel like it'd be better in the long run -and you would have to refer to me as Dr. Awesome Sauce- and I can't wait to find schools wherever we go! 

Aside from that A's mom is coming to visit in May, I'm more than likely going to GA in July to see A graduate and I am just all sorts of excited trying to figure out what to wear.. I mean.. maxi sundress? Yes, heels? Mmmm probably not ... I've never been good at that whole walking in heels thing.. yeah.. 

Any ways, I'm going out to play with my Bru, I hope you all have a great rest of your weekend!

oh and I finally posted my blog on bloglovin after I heard GFC is going away? whatever.
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Saturday, April 13, 2013

things I love

A little list of things I'm loving...

morning workouts - when I actually drag my butt out of bed, it makes me feel great! 
cute shoes
pedicures and froyo 
cutting off 2+ inches of my hair and getting bangs
being able to go to Oregon
teaching my dog new tricks
photographing beautiful families
Riann Photography
being in the double digits for A's graduation/homecoming
hopefully having nice weather (come on Wa, get with the program!)
finding out where we PCS in MAY!