Monday, February 29, 2016


So I let it slip earlier in February that I'd been working for Starbucks, which I dubbed "interesting" and left it at that. For me, working at Starbucks was more of an experiment in the coffee world and a way to make ends meet. A lot of people are all about it, but the further I got into that particular store the more I realized that I did not want to work for a bunch of 30-40 year olds who still think they just turned 21 and can act like children whenever they please. 

Like I said, this particular store was not my favorite.. Starbucks coffee used to be my go-to, until I had real coffee and discovered that coffee beans shouldn't taste burnt 100% of the time, plus I would rather support local businesses in the Midwest like Dun Bros, Caribou, Urban Stampede and The Coffee Co. these are all local and built in MN or ND and it's better to put your money back into the community you love.

Now I am still nannying, but for two families which will be new to me. I used to only want to work for one family at a time, but with that whole grownup rent thing I really need the additional income and kids are the bees knees to work with! Now my new job for family #2 - I'll think of a cool name later - starts tomorrow and while it might only be temporary, I hope to bring as much love, guidance and awesomeness to this family as have the S family! Plus, I get to wear leggings and leggings are 100% my go-to pants. I just want the rest of the world to agree with this and allow EVERYONE to wear leggings to work. You can dress it up, dress it down, whatever you want.. just cover your bum and it'll be good ;) 

So prayers with my new job  would be appreciated. 


Saturday, February 27, 2016


I'm ending this lovely display of our photos with a look at the reception. After the ceremony we did a simple dinner at a local restaurant who went above and beyond while having a crazy dinner rush with only four servers! So we had pasta, kids had pizza and I got some wine in my sweet Mrs glass. After our reception was over we decided to 1. give left over cupcakes to the amazing staff at Mama Maria's and 2. hit the bars. We didn't take many pictures and my selfie stick remains in a bag somewhere in my house, shame I know! Our wedding was perfect and we focused on what was truly important; us. It's amazing how our friends and family have surrounded us with so much love and support and we couldn't be more thankful. Now to plan the honeymoon, JK we already booked a week in DC! 

RIP to the Mr glass that I ran through the dishwasher and ruined :( 

I'm sure Kevin, in the back, was doing a harry potter house quiz. No lies.


Thursday, February 25, 2016


Short, sweet and to the point. I basically wrote our the entire ceremony script from what our officiant said to the words we spoke when exchanging rings -thank you Pinterest! The nice part about our ceremony is that while I was standing in front of 30-ish people, it really felt like it was just us and that's a wonderful feeling. 
To watch our ceremony, go here
We had the ability to stream our wedding for people who weren't able to make it to the shindig. You'll notice none of my family was there, except my nanny family and best friend, which is totes okay because I don't think my family from AZ would've been able to stand the weather. 

Eric's grandma was able to attend which were very thankful for. 

I had to apologize since my vows were a lot longer. 

Either I was mid way through what she said, or telling him he was stuck with me forever. 

A moment in prayer, while we aren't super prayerful - working on it - this means a lot to me. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

First Look

I know you're dying to see more wedding pictures, so here are a few from our first look and portraits. We decided to do some before the ceremony and then did some after since the light was amazing and we were ahead of schedule. Did I mention how laid back our whole day was? I think out of all the weddings I've been apart of and worked for, ours was the least chaotic.

Photographer: Aysha Nicole Photography