Sunday, January 25, 2015

Coffee Date | Link Up

So I decided to finally do a link up, which I used to adore but, now I've gotten lazy. Laziness as it turns out is the killer of blog writing. 
So this link up seems fun because Jenna started this to build community and promote honest blogging. I'm a fan of being open and honest about life. Sometimes it stinks, sometimes it doesn't. Luckily for me lately it's been pretty fantastic and this last week was a big ball of amazing. 
90% of my week I applied for some VTO (Voluntary Time Off) because I really wasn't feeling work. My car had died Monday and that kind of just started off me not wanting to be at work. It's not that I don't enjoy work, because I do. I enjoy that I can kind of slack off and still do what I'm paid to do which is reading and approving applications for an affiliate program, I read blogs. 
Then the most amazing thing happened... MY BEST FRIEND GAVE BIRTH! Tresa (Tre/T) had her little bundle Steevi Lynn on Thursday which made my week significantly better. Since starting photography I've been drawn to starting fresh 48 aka a baby whose just been born, in hospital -or home- and taking pictures of the family with the babes. I've named myself honorary aunt and will be taking pictures of this peanuts first year of life. 
This picture right here is why I do photography. These are moments that the family cherishes, if you want to see more click here and check out my work! 

Next highlight would be spending the majority of my time with Eric after finishing cleaning my house -there is a post solely dedicated to that- and going to the holiday party. Why is there a holiday party in January? Oh cause we have a ramp up for the holiday "peak" season and not everyone gets converted.. yay. 

Check out that handsome couple ;) 

- I really don't enjoy work after being moved down to a position where I'm not devolping others.. what sucks more is seeing individuals who kept that position (they were permanent before peak) be lazy and not even care. One of my "people" told me that they haven't been coached since our last coaching at the end of December. UGH! 
-I took too much VTO and will be cutting it tight for my budget going into vacation. 
-My car died on Monday cause I left my dome light on *shakes head* I had been in a little fender bender before the weekend and just didn't think to turn it off. 

The lows aren't that bad, but they can drain on you, which is why I'm so happy to have so many highlights this week! 
I'm happy to have linked up with you lovely ladies! 


Jenna Griffin said...

Congrats on your friend's new baby! What a beautiful baby! Your photography is beautiful, and I'm sure they are thankful that they have you to capture these sweet moments!

Thanks for linking up with me!!

Becster said...

What a beautiful baby, congrats to your best friend! Sorry to hear you're not having a good time of it at work. Those lazy people will get their comeuppance just you wait! I have no time for lazy people when it comes to work!

Acacia Winters said...

One can hope! We will see in the next six months, or I'll go off and find something new :) and thank you, Steevi is quite the adorable baby already.

Acacia Winters said...

Thank you, she's a cute baby for sure! I like the link ups and look forward to the next :)