Friday, September 19, 2014

I got a promotion!

So as a lot of you know, I work for a pretty large company. I've worked for said company for almost a year and when I started I never really imagined myself doing it for long, let alone loving it. 

So about 2 months ago I took a course that is supposed to give you more insight for going into leadership and I had already thought that it'd be a good idea for me to do it and then my manager/lead told me to do it. 

In this course I was able to speak my mind, let my colleagues know who I am and where I plan on going.. about 2 hours in I had an amazing manager walk up to me and just blatantly ask "why are you here?" and I had no answer.. I'm a level 2 employee at this point, I'm just getting a feel.. but I feel like I have things to offer. I honestly thought he was going to tell me I was too inexperienced and to leave.  I walk away for a few minutes, come back, there's 3 more managers/leads who are running courses for this program and they are talking about me. 

I had a mini-freak out inside, but sat down with my bagel and was quiet, until said manager came back up and said something that literally changed my life.

"You should look into leadership, you've been here 8 months and you're outshining those who've been here for 5+ years. Please come to me if you need any help with interview prep." 

WHOA.. this guy, whose been with this HUGE company for 12 years said that I should look into leadership? Yeah okay, and then I'll become a rockstar. *sarcasm* But when this was brought up to my manager, coaching and then to other leadership who I didn't really know -but somehow knew me- I decided to do it. 

In August I applied to be what we call a "coaching lead" which basically means I'm a step under the manager and i work solely with the people on a team. I build them up and work with them for their success. I didn't think I'd get it, my interview got all messed up and my emotions were high due to the crap going on in my personal life... 

Then September 4th I was called into an office where I was sure they'd say "Acacia, you're a great candidate, but not experienced enough.. try again next year" instead I got:

"You're passionate, you care and we could tell in your interview that you truly will go places" 

My manager and lead were not surprised, nor was Mike, but I was.. I never think I'm good enough, and here are a bunch of people saying I am. I have a lot of work to do, I have my own team for the next 6 months I have to prove myself day in and day out in order to remain a lead. I'm confident enough to say that I think this will only be another stepping block. I honestly am setting a goal to make it as far as I can and to maybe transfer away from NoDak. 

So there you have it, a wonderful story on getting a promotion in just 10 months of work with a huge company. Now comes the fun of being in charge of people who've been there for 3-4 years and might look at me like I'm a doofus.   

PS: I should add that I totally love my job and my new position. ALSO! Mike works for said company as well and got a new promotion too, to say we're doing well is an understatement and this has been a huge blessing in our life together. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 26!

So I recently turned 26.. I had this list of 26 things I wanted to do before I turned 26, but not all of it got done. The past 8/9 months have taught me a lot about myself, others and my inability to stop drinking coffee.. I have a serious problem. 

So my birthday was pretty fantastic, I was surrounded by friends who are like family and my fantastic boyfriend who went above and beyond to make me feel special. He brought me flowers at work and my dearest BFF Tresa said "awwwwww" super loud, I was a little embarrassed in a cute way. Mike loved it. 

Also I got this fantastic egg filled with wonderful things from my coworker Amy, and the story behind this is.. I give eggs filled with random things I find in the office to my managers so Amy got me one and to her it was "the best 45 minutes ever!" 

After work my wonderful group of friends went to Sakura in Grand Forks and celebrated. I love that my friends all took turns to take sake to the mouth, can we say num nuns? The chef was super funny too and I got sushi which was delicious.  

Below is a bunch of pictures for you to enjoy and possibly giggle at. Yes I am wearing a dragon hat, I did want to steal it and I did walk around the restaurant with it on. 

The only "decent" picture of us, haha.. I'm a terrible person for making so many faces.

Meet my BFF Tresa, this is a totally normal face, we both make similar faces. 

Also I want to give a shout out to my friend Laura who drew me this beautiful picture of Brutus. Honestly, this is was one of the most amazing gifts I've ever received she made me tear up! 

Aside from all of the fun I had with my friends, I was also surprised with a new MacBook Air from my amazing beau Mike.. I think this is going to be a good year, a blessed year and I'm lucky that i have such an amazing group of friends and boyfriend to spend it with. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hello, hello!

So I haven't really written anything since May and it's been quite an eventful few months! I don't know where exactly to start, but I definitely am in a happier place than I was back at the beginning of 2014.. actually I'm happier than I've been in pretty much 5 years! 

So I moved out of A's and moved in with a completely crazy person who was a total jerk on top of their crazy.. not a fun combo. Thankfully I managed to move out and find one of the only one bedroom apartments in Grand Forks!! That's a huge deal, B-T-Dubs. 
Here's a little sneak peak:

It's a small place with enough room for me and my horde of things.. which surprisingly doesn't include a couch or table/chairs. It has been brought to my attention that my life choices have been questioned and my boss said he'd like to go into those further... AKA you're 26 and you don't own normal grown up things.. THANKS! 

Moira from McDancing Through Life gave me that picture frame/motto and I love it! 

I do have a pink bathroom which is what kind of sold me on this place, well that and the price. Basically when I was a kid my Great Grandma Dee had this love affair with pink.. no joke, she had strawberry pink carpet -that my sister pooped on once- and white whicker furniture.. Also.. I had a pink bathroom at my dads. I literally typed that up as if I were telling you guys something embarrassing. My Stepmom loves pink and pretty much gave me all things pink.. I used to hate it, now I look back with fondness. Here's this lady, who I thought hated me, giving me things that her mom had given to her.. I'd not had a normal mother-daughter relationship and thought she was just trying to "buy me off".. but that's another story, for another time. 

So here I am.. 26, in my very first apartment by myself and I am happy. It's truly amazing how in a matter of months I went from being completely miserable to happier than I've been in ages. 

Here's to plenty more blog posts and loads of fantastic things happening!