Monday, December 30, 2013

Holiday Recap

So my holidays were kind of boring, one may even say a tad depressing, buuuut I enjoyed them! First off, I want to say thank you to everyone who participated in the snowflake swap, you guys made this amazing and I was blown away with seeing all the goodies.. I however, am a terrible blogger and while I've been sick have left taking pictures and such to the birds. BUT I did get an adorable box full of goodies including hairties -because I always lose them! - and the cutest little penguin bubble bath (love) hooray! 

Now you read before that I was sick, that I was, but those pictures from above are basically the only "holiday" type pictures I have. 
So as far as my holiday, the first half of Christmas was spent in urgent care where the doc was like "your lungs sound gross" to which I was all "oh good!" he mandated 2 days off which I was extremely thankful for because I felt like poop. Bronchitis is a no fun way to start your holiday! So I am just kinda sitting here now.. after roommate Christmas going "wow I am lucky" I have some amazing friends and lovely people who have been great guidances to me. I got a really sweet cross made from a tree in Oregon, by a guy in Oregon.. so its pretty freakin special now. 

Also I want to just say thank you to everyone whose commented and shown lots of love for the breakup. A and I are still friends, better as that than anything and I am glad that through all of this I don't lose someone who really is apart of my odd little family. Bru will continue to be "my" dog and I will always love him, but he will stay with A. Lots of love guys! 


Jen said...

Sorry you spent the holidays sick. :(

Mrs McDancer said...

Onesie for the win!!! Hope you're feeling better!