Thursday, July 26, 2012

color run 2012

Back in May I ran the color run with some pretty amazing friends, both old and new, and its only taken me a little over two months to share them on a blog.. or even write about this experience. 
I'm no runner, marathons aren't my homeboy and these little 5k's are new to me and despite the gearing up and what not, no on can prepare you for the THOUSANDS of people who are there waiting to get painted. 
Me, Jelena & her beau Thomas
We all started off running, having a grand old time, until we reached the first "color spot" where we came to a screeching halt. Everyone and their mother -even some homeless guy- were in line to get painted. We had a lot of fun though, just goofing around and taking pictures. Obviously I took a point & shoot since I'm psycho about my DSLR. 
the "crayola crazies" we had a team 
 We had no times, we ran and had fun and got to experience a beautiful Seattle morning.. my only sad part? A didn't participate, the AF kept jerking us around with a TDY and in the end we had no idea you could register the day of. But happy me, he was such a supportive person, he took pictures and then we all went to lunch at the Crab Pot (SO GOOD!) 
A & myself :) he was against getting painted 
 Overall, I'm happy to have had the experience I did, I'm looking forward to running next year, but maybe keeping my own time.. I like to know how I do when I run. I was very fortunate to run with a group of close friends who were more than motivational. If you ever have the chance.. do it.
oh pretty colors! 
Its literally the "happiest 5k in the world" :) 

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