Sunday, July 8, 2012

it takes time

Usually I reserve the 5th of July as a day of remembering my grandpa, as a time to not bother my mom.. but I found out something rad! 
My mom saw fireworks! This is huge, mainly because in the last 30 years she's never (to my memory or knowledge) celebrated the fourth with any of us. Before you call her a bad mom or something, remember her dad died on the 5th, his favorite holiday was the 4th and she was married on June 30th.. do the math. 
It takes time to heal.. and I can only say that I'm thankful she's actually healing.. though my mom and I don't talk, or really do much of anything but say hello on the holidays and send gifts, I like to think that the next 30+ years (she may never die) are going to be ones of happiness.. but hearing this gives me hope for my own healing, for the healing of my friends and family who've lost someone. 

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