Hello there, I'm Acacia.
20-something and completely unaware of how to be a "real adult"
I'm the blogger around these parts and I am terrible about writing "about me" sections.. sorry.
I was born and raised in Arizona, but live in North Dakota and I love it!
I am a photographer, nanny and a barista so my life can get a little hectic, but I love it like that.
In my downtime you can find me camping, singing (serenading) my fiancé and making terrible jokes that only a dad could be proud of.
This would be said fiancé, Eric. He's born and raised North Dakotan farm boy and darn it if I don't love watching him work on the tractor. 
We live in Grand Forks, by day he works in an office and by night we watch Super Natural. 
If you want to know more, please feel free to read the blog and follow us on our adventure in North Dakota! 

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