Saturday, June 30, 2012

a busy life

Sometimes I wonder how there aren't more hours in the day. Seriously. I've been busy, between Bru, work and sleep I have about 2-3 extra hours usually spent cleaning/work prep or talk to A if possible. I can't believe we're almost a whole month down! 
I started a new bible study "Soul Detox" by she reads truth, its pretty rad. I feel like I am able to identify and conquer my negative or toxic thoughts. Its a good feeling. Aside from that, work is work, insane and fun. O is off school so there are more big kid activities, and if Washington would cooperate we'd be able to play in the baby pool.. but of course it isn't! I wish I could get into blogging more, bring myself to set aside time for it.. I guess it'll be a random happening. 
Sorry for being busy, but at least it means I'm working, living and having a good life. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

times I hate being involved with the military

When I was younger I never pictured my life semi revolving around a man and his job, or following someone to the ends of the Earth. I never thought one day I'd cry by the grave of a soldier who held me in their arms at one point.. I never thought this would happen. I was also a child, and war was a distant thing, something that happened to our parents. 
Obviously 9/11 changed that. 
I've been blessed in this world to know many fine soldiers and their families, airmen, sailors and marines. I've also had to say goodbye to a select few.. and this last Tuesday someone who I was so glad to get to know over the last year had to say goodbye to her loved one. 
SPC Trevor Pinnick died fighting the "good fight" in Afghanistan on June 12, 2012. 
He leaves behind a beautiful wife and daughter, who at two, is really lucky to not know what's happening.. but has to deal with not having her amazing father around. 
Pre-deployment portraits I took in 2011

I didn't know at the time taking the picture above, that would be the  one that stays with her forever.. I didn't know saying things like "Smile, Martha needs some thing to look at when you're away" would turn into the picture she will cling to for the rest of her life.
I wish more than anything that I could take this away, more than anything this hadn't happened and we could all just continue on with our lives.. that in two months he'd come home.. he'd embrace his family at a ceremony. Rather than be laid down with his fallen brothers.. rather than have a wife and daughter miss him forever.

can someone remind me what these sacrifices really mean, because right now I feel like something is shattered and not a damn person cares.. not a normal person. Not someone who sleeps next to their loved one every single night where is his parade for sacrificing watching his little girl grow up?

I love you guys, and I hope that someday you can know, Mel, that your father was so much more than a hero... he's the best man in the world for doing what he did and you should know he loves you more than anything. From heaven he's looking down at such a lovely little girl saying "that's my girl" know he's there with every milestone and setback.
Martha, I can only pray that the pain you're feeling will someday subside and you find as much joy in what you had with him as possible. I love you, you're one of the greatest women I've ever met.. you are stronger than anyone I know.
I hope God can wrap them in his arms and help them through all of this..
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Sunday, June 17, 2012

hello, hello, hello!

I guess starting a new blog twice in one year is kinda crazy, but finding my "blog home" is pretty important in order for me to even continue blogging. You may remember me from "The NOT TACP wife" which later changed to "the best of me" then was promptly deleted. HA! 
This blog is non-centered.. meaning? Well, its about everything and anything.. like it says "Love, life and some hello's" since a lot of being in the current career field of A, we say "see ya" a lot and so we get a lot more hello's than most. 
Obviously he's a TACP, but not for long. :) 
After this week, I decided to go full force into blogging again.. it was one of those weeks that just knocks you on your bum time and time again. So I found some comfort in (terribly) designing my blog.. any help is welcome *hint* so here I am, the twenty something living in the Northwest with a giant malamute, who at seven months is almost 90 lbs, and sans boyfriend of three years because he's off galavanting in God knows where. 
And here I am, blogging before I have to run off to church! I bet you're just itching to know more, but I suppose saving more for another date is wise.. especially since I really need to get going. Enjoy this place, I hope I will.. and keep A and all his guys in your prayers if ya don't mind.