Saturday, June 30, 2012

a busy life

Sometimes I wonder how there aren't more hours in the day. Seriously. I've been busy, between Bru, work and sleep I have about 2-3 extra hours usually spent cleaning/work prep or talk to A if possible. I can't believe we're almost a whole month down! 
I started a new bible study "Soul Detox" by she reads truth, its pretty rad. I feel like I am able to identify and conquer my negative or toxic thoughts. Its a good feeling. Aside from that, work is work, insane and fun. O is off school so there are more big kid activities, and if Washington would cooperate we'd be able to play in the baby pool.. but of course it isn't! I wish I could get into blogging more, bring myself to set aside time for it.. I guess it'll be a random happening. 
Sorry for being busy, but at least it means I'm working, living and having a good life. 

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