Sunday, August 26, 2012

One more year

Call me crazy, but I enjoy getting older. 

I'm 24 now, that would be twenty + four which equals twenty-four, only one more year till I'm half way to fifty (which is 24+24) which means I've lived a good portion of my life. Sort of. 
The last four years have been some interesting ones. Made some giant mistakes, then made some better decisions. Kept my head mostly on my shoulders... fell in love, like legitimate love. Had my heart broken for the first time.. only in my twenties. Did some fun things i.e. went to Maui, snowboarding, photography, got a dog.. wore some awesome "not acceptable for public functions" hats. Met some bloggers, then met some friends, made some music and art. 
I can remember my first day in the Northwest, living here, and remember the last time I was in Arizona.. I remember the friends I had thought I'd made, but turned out.. were really great players. I've learned my lesson on a manner of things, and now I'm just patiently waiting to see what my next road will be. Will I PCS with A, or maybe take a wonderful trip by myself? 
Will I go to Europe, school.. further my photography or maybe just cash it all in and finally become a folk artist like dad said I would.

That's the fun part about life. I don't know. 

But I'm another year older, another year closer to maybe being wiser and definitely less mature than I was yesterday.. okay I'm mature, but I refuse to grow up. 
Was my birthday good? Yes, I saw my dad for the first time in three years. My dad can easily be called one of my best friends.. thanks dad! 

I'll post pictures and events and what not later.. but right now, I have to do what all grownups hate doing.. go to bed and not waste my time. 

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Life's Little Treasures said...

woohooo! good way to look at aging for sure :)