Thursday, October 9, 2014

Its getting cold

So I woke up about a week ago to foggy windows.. sometimes this means it's just really humid, but in late September it usually means that our short fall is coming, which then means winter.. winter means snow and crap. 

This morning? 

You guys might go "ooo, sounds like a cute thing to wake up to!" 

Yeah. No. 

See while you're all enjoying your slow decline into winter, we are preparing for the worst.. Game of Thrones "winter is coming" kind of prep.. sans zombie ice beasts and beheadings. For instance, today I was googling how to winterize my windows, what shovel I should buy and work neighbor looked over and our conversation went like this. 

Dan: Hey, Acacia, do you live somewhere that you need to shovel snow?
Me: Uh... yeah, North Dakota? 
Dan: Oh no, I mean your home.. like do you need to shovel out your drive? 
Me: Yeah, why?
Dan: Can I get the address? I'd like to know where to setup and watch the show. 
Me: Ha.. funny... you suck. 

I realize that this is my "first" winter where I'm relying 100% on myself and I will not have a garage. My workplace seems to enjoy the thought of the Arizona/Washington girl doing any of her own winter-type activities. 

But in all seriousness, I was raised as a kid to always have an "essentials" pack in my vehicle or on my person when doing anything outdoors. Water, sunscreen, mag-light and a hat were basic things my dad would tell us to keep in our car.. Now that I'm living in the frozen tundra I've found a few other things that are needed. 

First Aid Kit
Bottled Water -or jugs- changed out on a 2 week basis.
Body Warmers (they are packets of joy) 
Road Side Safety Kit i.e. flares, jumpers and such. 
Ice scraper and snow shovel
Tire Chains
Tow rope
Mag Light 
- this is my dad's influence.. if you need a light, its a light. If you need a weapon.. its an awesome weapon. 
Kitty Litter -just go with it, traction!- 
Phone Charger - I recommend a solar one too- 
Extra Clothes... no explanation needed. 

Now I also keep a pillow and a thick sleeping bag in my car during trips.. if it's going to be a longer trip I will actually pull a seat down in the back before I leave, why? Oh cause last year my trunks latch got stuck and I couldn't get to anything in my trunk for almost 2 months.. this made me worried.. I like my trunk. 

I've also learned that while I am great at driving, blizzards suck and no one is good at driving in those.. if you tell me you are, I'll call you a liar. 

Make a survival kit, be safe and enjoy the fall while it lasts!