Friday, May 29, 2015

Pembina Gorge | ND Adventures

This last winter when Eric and I first started dating I was incredibly home sick. My heart was dying from the amount of flat ground I'd seen in the last year and a half that it was hard to not dream of packing up and leaving all together. 

Thankfully, I have an amazing boyfriend who knows this, just by looking at me, and takes charge into getting me what I need; rolling hills and a change in scenery. After he took me to the Pembina Gorge, I made him promise to bring me back each season so that I can do a time lapse series.

So this weekend was the perfect time since we were already up that way for the Tetrault Woods hike and this time we were extra lucky because his mom and Wanda were with us! As you can see, the spring vs. winter is vastly different, but so beautiful in it's own way. 

Of course, how could I get away from such a wonderful place without conning that handsome man into a selfie with me? I also got him to take a picture of me at the edge, you know my dad's favorite place I go when hiking? Yeaaaaah!

Also, check out this gorgeous picture of a wild lilac. It's amazing to see these bushes that were so huge and barren a few months ago blooming with life. Again, if interested in a print, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tetrault Woods | Walhalla, ND

A few weeks ago Diane, Eric's mom, invited us along on a nature hike in the Tetrault Woods  which I was extremely excited for because it's been about 2 years since I went on an actual hike!

First off, we had a really awesome hike/nature guide Helen -in the picture above- who knew so much about the area, more than both Diane and Eric combined, that she made it fun and interesting. Plus the fact is that she's out here doing this because she likes to and is retired made it that much more fun! 

I have a few nature images below, these have been scaled down and if you'd like a full size print, let me know!

Wild ginger root, I'm glad that I now know how to identify and can make myself ginger tea! 

I had a great time learning, exploring and being shown a prettier part of North Dakota than I'd ever thought possible. Seriously, I'll be writing about that later. If you ever get the chance to come to ND, do it! There are some pretty amazing things that the Northern Plains offer and you'll be bummed to not see it all. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Farm Land | Langdon, ND

Something beautiful that I've had the opportunity to witness in the last six months of knowing Eric is seeing his families farm. Before seeing this kind of thing up close I'd had a very limited knowledge and non-personal relationship with anything farm related. 
Langdon farm land © Belle Hiver Photography 2015 
Going out to the farm this last weekend was a little educational, but also just amazing. I never really thought about where certain grains come from or how vastly large the Northern Plains are, but after seeing these guys out there.. I have a new appreciation in my life for farmers. Obviously I couldn't help but take a few pictures. All of these are © Belle Hiver Photography 2015 and are not to be used without specific permission from me. 

Eric's brother coming over for dinner. He had been up till 2 the previous morning getting seeding done and making sure they were ahead of schedule. This is a 24/7 type of job, everything they have and their families have, is put on the line to bring wheat, canola and soy beans to our tables. 

This next set of three pictures is Eric's dad Hans, this land has been in his family for a long, long time. Hans' father, Hans VI, came out to the states from Switzerland and Hans VII has been working the land since he was a kid, probably close to 50 years. Eric has told me that this land is in his blood and I didn't believe him, until I saw Hans out there working and you can tell how much he loves it. 

Of course a weekend with his brother/parents wouldn't be complete without all the kids! Even though I work with kids all day long, I can't help but love being with these little's -especially when I get first hugs!

Sunday, Eric took me out in the side-by-side to see some more of the families land and get a real appreciation for how much there is to farm. We saw a barn - that looks like a narwhal- that was about 70/80 years old full of some pretty interesting things like turn of the century equipment! Of course a wonderful surprise is that they were mostly John Deere! 

My handsome. 

This is straight out of my camera, I was so happy with it! 

As I mentioned above there was old school John Deere equipment, a seeder that was from before John Deere, was John Deere. See my dad's side is from Moline and they love their John Deere. I found this seeder cap and just couldn't resist grabbing a picture. My dad and uncles are already asking how I can get this for them, I won't, this would be mine.. finders keepers? ;) 

I hope that you all are able to enjoy what I've provided in photography 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Nanny Life | The Adventure Begins

To be completely honest, I was really nervous to start nannying again. After my last nanny job ended back in 2012 I decided that it was time to stop, and I did. That was 3 years ago, almost, and I hadn't considered going back to nannying until this last winter. 

See I had never really seen a need for nannying in the Northern Plains, unless we were in a bigger city. I see a lot of women are stay-at-home types and that's awesome, but it leaves a little to be desired for being a nanny since moms are home or are using the smaller in-home daycares. So after a little searching and finding families who want the one-on-one care of a nanny, but are unwilling to pay for that type of care, I stumbled upon the S's. 

They were like a breath of fresh air after being in the city for too long. Southern, wonderful and all sorts of committed to their kids, family and jobs. My kind of people! In the last two weeks since my job started I have found about a billion more reasons to love them and their kids. I took this job knowing it'd be FT throughout the summer and I could focus back on studies in the fall and maybe get that darn AA in ECE. 

Now because this is a big part of my life,  I will be sharing more and more, but please know that I will protect these kids and family. No names, pictures of faces or details about their work or lives -aside from my nannying projects- so I'll "introduce" you to the "S's". 

Red - Youngest and a spit fire. 
Dubs - Oldest, a thoughtful kiddo. 
Broski - Middle, crazy. 

Obviously the parents who will be referred to as my bosses or "S's". 

Since starting two weeks ago I've realized 2 things. 
1. Time moves fast when you like your job. 
2. I love finding people who are older than myself and hold to the same values. It's refreshing, even if my inner self is 40. 
But it has been exciting. I'm motivated and impressed and just all over happy to go to work everyday. It's no longer a chore for me to get out of bed everyday and get ready. I'm up, hanging out with my man before he heads out and just relishing the fact that I will go somewhere that I am actually making a difference. I hope you guys enjoy the adventure as it unfolds! 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Nanny Life | Spray Paint Art!

Spray Paint Art - A super fun, slightly messy, activity for kids of all ages!! 

This last week the kids and I did a newer art form and it was a HIT! I was wandering around Target when I hopped into the dollar section and found some dopplers and hair spray bottles full of paint and figured “why not” because nothing in life is more fun than spending all of your money at Target. 

Since I have a recently turned 3 and 4 year old the difference in learning is unique. B-boy and Red are so much the same, and yet different. Where as B-boy can spell, trace and follow directions 80% of the time, Red still needs a little help and I figured that this activity was one that both could do/enjoy. 

What you’ll need: 

Hair spray bottle (you can buy the ones filled with paint or fill them yourself) 
Paint - I go for Hobby Lobby’s pain in the kid section. It’s watered down enough to do these types of projects. 
Stencil! We made our “A” but you can really do anything, I do recommend card stock or something similar. 
Tape, paint brushes and smocks/old clothes. 

--keep in mind I'll take pictures of supplies in the future, but this craft was a little on the fly--

I will recommend that you put down plastic or do this project outside because it can get a little messy. 

First, grab your stencil and either place it freely on your paper or tape it. Then have the kiddo either spray the paint from the bottles or help them to do so. I’m a fan of having people try first, then help second. 

After they’ve sprayed the colors they like you can either remove the stencil or let them keep it there to use paint brushes/rollers or stamps and make their creation even more unique. 

When all is said and done you get a pretty unique piece of art and kids who are covered in paint and full of laughter. You can also save the stencil if you want, or keep it in your art bin! 

Have you tried this project? If you have, tag me on instagram: @acaciaduh and #nannyprojectsbyacacia 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Happy Birthday, Daddio!

How do you say happy birthday to a dad? By posting up selfies you took with him in AZ! 

Some fun facts about my dad: 

1. He sneezes and it's a production. 
2. He's stubborn. 
3. He named me!
4. He wanted to be a journalist, but settled for a computer nerd job and has overcome this field without a degree. He's a smarty pants. 
5. Highly sarcastic. 
6. He enjoys burritos with coffee, and rubs in that he can have Chino Bandito's whenever he wants. 
7. He took his first "selfie" with me in November. 
8. He hiked the Grand Canyon on a whim! Not the smartest move, but he loved it. 
9. He makes terrible puns and it's the best. 
10. He's my dad and that makes him pretty cool. 

I have no idea what else to tell you guys, aside from the fact that I am so grateful to look like him and to have his sense of humor ;) 

I hope you have the best birthday yet! 

Sunday, May 17, 2015


Since I left my job with Amazon I've had this abundance of inspiration and insane thankfulness. Even during the temper tantrums and poopy diapers I can't help but be overcome with this incredible sense of having made the right choice. 

I left my job for something that will be part time come August/September, but I fully trust God in this situation. 

Now with my inspiration I've been dragging friends out to do little sessions here and there, but when people aren't available I actually have to get this stuff out either writing -ha- or doing art. Thankfully I have a plethora of art supplies and this past weekend was a creative weekend. It all started with needing to get Red's (the little girl I nanny, post coming soon) second birthday gift together and nothing at Target really screamed "RED!" aside from a super cute jumper and some crayons, cause who doesn't love mermaid inspired crayola crayons?! But this little girl is a spit fire. She seriously has this look that absolutely kills me, you know the wheels are turning, but you don't know why. It's killer. 

So I figured something that was a little more personalized would be a better alternative than the Melissa & Doug toys or the crazy amount of princess themed toys -she's never seen/read anything princess and I love it! So I free handed a pin-spired board. 

All the pictures below are free-hand. 

Red's little painting. She definitely lived up to this on Saturday when she gave mom and dad a run for  their money. Little girls are the bee's knees.  Since her brother Dubya's birthday is coming up shortly I figured to make him something that really makes me smile. He's the coolest kiddo I've met in a long time, as far as 5-year olds go, and definitely a leader in the making. 

After that I was sitting at the table that I've taken over and thought to try my hand at drawing "people" I'm terrible at faces, so I made the images below... definitely inspired by God and His unfailing love.

This one was inspired by Kari Jobe's song "I am not alone" one of my friends said it looks like a pregnant ladies stomach, which is so cool to see someone else's view! I'm still working as I'm not sure exactly how to put the words from her song on there. 

Above is a little something that I love. I saw it on pinterest, and I've wanted to paint it for my own kid's nursery, but that's a few more years out, so I have decided to gift this locally. 

It's a little crazy how one thing so totally changed my heart for the better. I was never a "painter" and most of my drawings were mostly stick figures/dinosaurs. I hope you all find some inspiration for your week, I know I sure will! 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

"You Got This"

Ever meet someone who completely changes how you view.. everyone? I mean, I already met Eric and he's completely changed my view on what love is, and should be. 

Then I met his mom. 

Can we just say holy crap cause that's pretty much only thing I can think when I think of Diane. I'll be 100% honest, I had no idea that a mother could/should love as much as she loves her family. It's truly amazing. Not only has she been an amazing mom, like both her boys are enamored by this wonderful lady, but she's also made a life change that has resulted in some pretty amazing things. 

This last weekend Diane ran the Fargo 5k. This is after an amazing year long challenge to herself to lose weight and become a healthier person overall.. she did it and is a huge inspiration to myself and others. I had made a pretty sweet sign that said "You got this!" and, of course, Eric one up'd me by writing "Love you mom" on his. Such a goody-goody ;) 

Eric's dad Hans decided to surprise Diane at the Fargo 5k and as usual I had my camera with me (ps, anyone else laugh at the little girls confused face??) 

30+ years of marriage and these two are as in love as they day they said "I Do" 

These are the moments that I love and how I've figured out that the attainability of someone to love you unconditionally is real.  Way to go, Diane! 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Bad Blogger//Big Changes

I know we all have moments where we are incredibly busy, or just feel so blah that blogging seems like a constant uphill battle. I've found that during this time it's best to just walk away until you feel better. 

The last four months have been incredibly hard on me. I've gone from loving my job to completely despising getting up in the morning.. I was just basically on auto pilot for the majority of Jan-April.. I complained and I had my amazing, supportive and loving boyfriend point out the obvious: Get a new job. 

So I started applying to office jobs around the Grand Forks/Fargo area.. each time coming back with a response "you have a great cover letter, but you're experience is lacking a little" which only discouraged me.. Insert Eric again to encourage the discouraged. If I didn't have him, I might have resigned to staying with Amazon.

So I took a leap... 

I'm going to be a nanny, again! 

I was a little nervous, especially after interviewing with two people who were not willing to pay a full time wage for full time work! Seriously, I was a little miffed. I walked into my third interview with the S's and before I left my car I was all "Hey God.. please?" I was blown away. For starters a 30 minute interview turned into an hour and a half! They have the sweetest children and I was so blown away that A and J were so open with me.. I felt immediately at home, immediately! God was sitting there going "Ya buddy!" and I felt silly for doubting my heart being called back into serving a family as their nanny. 

So... now I'm going to start a new, old, adventure.. I hope to have you all along for the journey. I plan to write a lot more now that I don't have this sinking feeling of sadness in my soul.