Saturday, June 20, 2015

Summer Beauty Faves

It is summer time and if you're like me you are looking to minimize your beauty routine. It's time for lighter makeup and that bronzy glow, which I don't hate to say is how I feel the entire year should be! But I am a sucker for a paler complexion and those berry colors come fall/winter, so I suppose we can save the glow for the summer. 
These are the things I reach for on a daily basis when getting ready, day or night: 

I love the hope renewed lotion because it's light, doesn't clog my pores and smells amazing! Think of a very light, floral, scent that you just want to be smothered in. That's this moisturizer. Creepy? Nah. 

As for my "foundation" I choose to use Tarte's BB because it's natural, enough coverage to make me look like a human and doesn't make me feel like my face will fall off from the heaviness. Pair that with boing by benefit and you have a duo that works for 90% of the people in the world. I usually use Tarte's amazonian bronzer as a contour-type powder and dust the apples of my cheeks in Nars' orgasm. Use Make-up Forever's HD mineral powder and top off with gifted (Tarte) mascara and you basically have everything on my face in seven products. I may add a smokey light eye with my Naked 3 pallet and definitely use the Bite Agave Lip Mask (yum) for just a little color to my lips, but not all the time.

On top of sharing my favorite beauty products with you, I wanted to share this: 

Yup, cut my hair! Summer usually was a time for me to go from brunette to blonde, and then realize that I can't afford to be blonde. This year I've decided to go from medium-long hair to collarbone length! It is definitely a lot lighter and I feel like works well for me with my get up and go type of personality. 

Until next time! 
**I should mention that this is in no way a paid advertisement for any of the products above. I just love them and like to share!** 

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