Monday, October 22, 2012

My beautiful boy

I remember when A said we were getting a puppy, and by we.. I mean he, and I was utterly terrified. A dog, insanity! But here you are, almost one year later from your 'gotcha' date (I'm borrowing the term from legitimate adoption) and you're one! A whole year, I know its been tough on you, you've had to watch daddy go off to war and have been my best friend for the last few months.. and even though you ate my boot and chewed on the table AND learned how to open the baby gate with your mouth.. I still love you. You're the best dog anyone could ask for, and I am so lucky that you are apart of our family. 

Brutus, my love, my genius and the light of our life.. heres to you! 

I can't believe how big you are! :) 

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Jane said...

Aww he is beautiful!