Sunday, June 17, 2012

hello, hello, hello!

I guess starting a new blog twice in one year is kinda crazy, but finding my "blog home" is pretty important in order for me to even continue blogging. You may remember me from "The NOT TACP wife" which later changed to "the best of me" then was promptly deleted. HA! 
This blog is non-centered.. meaning? Well, its about everything and anything.. like it says "Love, life and some hello's" since a lot of being in the current career field of A, we say "see ya" a lot and so we get a lot more hello's than most. 
Obviously he's a TACP, but not for long. :) 
After this week, I decided to go full force into blogging again.. it was one of those weeks that just knocks you on your bum time and time again. So I found some comfort in (terribly) designing my blog.. any help is welcome *hint* so here I am, the twenty something living in the Northwest with a giant malamute, who at seven months is almost 90 lbs, and sans boyfriend of three years because he's off galavanting in God knows where. 
And here I am, blogging before I have to run off to church! I bet you're just itching to know more, but I suppose saving more for another date is wise.. especially since I really need to get going. Enjoy this place, I hope I will.. and keep A and all his guys in your prayers if ya don't mind. 

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Anonymous said...

love you. miss you. let's blog together again :)