Tuesday, October 29, 2013

on my heart | witnessing in hobby lobby

Over the last couple Sunday's we've been studying and have learned about sharing your faith, building bridges and starting where people are as far as witnessing to people.. 

The only real reason this laid on my heart as much as it did was because of a conversation I had with a lovely lady D about God, life, children and marriage. Now I'm not married, I don't have kids and my relationships have a tendency to suck really bad.. but I do know about life, suffering and just plain terrible things.. don't we all? 

D and I were walking in Hobby Lobby (uh that store is huge and I love it!) and she was saying they were talking about having kids.. but she's scared of what it would do to their relationship. Right then I wanted to be like "GOD! SEEK HIM HE WILL HELP!" but I quieted the brash Acacia and decided to just continue listening. She went on about how in her relationship things weren't perfect, family issues, the normal things that we would fear before starting a family... I asked the usual 
"how does he feel?"
"are you emotionally ready?"
she answered pretty typically... and about half way through the stationary I finally asked:
"Do you have a good relationship with God?" 
and what made my heart sink was the no that came after. I'm not here to judge, but I could feel myself being called to just testify to her, to be the one to bring the Good News about Him.. but again, I just listened.. and it made me sad because here is this beautiful woman, this amazing relationship and a man who -in her words- "wants to have a relationship with God, but that's all him, not me" and I was kinda just... needing to hear why.. and when she told me.. I understood. 
"I just don't see how God could make so much hurt, so much loss, its useless and I decided He was useless" 
And I spoke... the ENEMY is who brings this pain, God didn't make your child sick, your best friend die -just examples- your dad beat you, drink, become a terrible person... God doesn't want that for you, He gave His SON for you! -I said it a little less enthusiastic- in fact what I said was this: 
"I've been there, I grew up knowing a lot of hurt and pain.. a lot of loss and questioning God. Why did He do this, what's the point?! But then my pastor said what has stuck with me: GOD DIDNT DO THAT, THE ENEMY OF OUR SOULS DID!" 
Now I don't know if it struck a chord, I don't know if she'll come back to Christ.. but I do know that this kind of sat on me for the last week and it needed to be written. In my home, I am the one close to Christ, I am fully aware of the right we have to question and learn and I encourage it!! But I do not want my friends thinking that God is hurting them when all He wants is to bring them in and protect them.. to give them the tools to protect themselves. I hope this wasn't too long.. sorry for the run-on sentences and everything ;) 

Friday, October 25, 2013

New Design | Poppiness Designs

So obviously last week I was utterly excited about getting this new blog design and I kind of just felt like I needed to make an entire post about how incredibly working with Jane was. 

I had looked into Jane's designs previously, but wasn't sure I wanted to go the route of getting a new design because I don't blog.. but then I was all "nah, I need one so I WILL start blogging" obviously me spending money makes me use things.. my best blogging buddy Moira got one of her designs and I looked into my finances and decided that this 50% off October deal is not worth passing up and decided to take the plunge. 

So here I am.. sitting in front of my computer rapidly emailing Jane the following:
Beach meets ballet 
feminine and clean
can grow with me

and about 2 hours later Jane writes me and about a day later Jane sends me this:
Its like she knows me ;) 
I am pretty much in love, obsessed and going gaga over this layout! 

She did this design so quickly and hit the nail on the head as far as what I wanted. Seriously, how often do you head to a design site and read "waiting list: not taking new designs till 2014" or similar things? I just cannot express enough how amazing she is and that's why I'm gushing about her in two blog posts -and probably the rest of my blogging life- 
So yeah, head over to Poppiness Designs and check out all her lovely design work and make sure you follow her blog Pursuit of Poppiness so you can follow her adventures -also send her happy thoughts for this upcoming deployment! 

Any pictures posted were designed by Jane from Poppiness Designs and all credit goes to her. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

bet you didn't know...

Five facts about me: 

1. I have matching scars on the top of my wrists. One from when I was five and the other seventeen, caused by different things. 
2. I sing songs to my dog substituting his name for lyrics.. I usually do this alone. 
3. I tell people I have no home, not in a "pity me" way, but in the fact that I have yet to find the place that I will call my "forever home" 
4. I wanted nothing more than to start a family with A.. 
5. I haven't bee back home (AZ) since 2009, and I don't really plan on going back.. ever. 

Monday, October 21, 2013


So ladies, and maybe gents, guess what... 

give up? 

I'm getting a new blog design!! 

Seriously, Jane over at Pursuit of Poppiness is doing 50% off for the month of October and guess who just had to get in on it? ME! 

She recently sent me the inspiration board.. 
beach meets ballet
beautiful fonts 

You should all hop over there and check out her amazing deal, get in on this awesome deal! 

North Dakota Living

In case you didn't know I live in North Dakota now... its a very cold place, where the buffalo roam.. more like where the oil workers roam! Seriously this was never on the "top 10 for Acacia to live" in fact when I thought of the Dakota's I thought of Mt. Rushmore, cows, cowboys and cold. 

But here I am two months in and I kind of like it here... 

I know, slap me! 
I am the girl from Arizona, the one who hates cold and wants to permanently never wear shoes, likes North Dakota.. #smh -I like to use hashtags.. it makes me sound ridiculous- 

Now before we all get bent out of shape I can easily list the reasons I like this place: 
1. Its small! I was not meant for HUGE cities and I kind of like that it only takes me 10-15 minutes to get anywhere.. including another state. 
2. We live right next door to Minnesota, over the river -literally- to cabellas we go. 
3. My dog likes it. He is a fan of cold weather. 
4. Like minded people. I am conservative, but in a weirdly liberal way.. I like my Jesus to be talked about and not looked down on for it, but I also support marriage equality... nothing wrong with love in my book. 
5. I finally feel less judged for wearing leggings as pants. Stupid reason? NOT! You know how much it blows being looked at like a common whore -I said it- because Acacia was too lazy to put on pants? NO because here, people don't care, they are like "I like wearing leggings as pants, because they are pants" YAY! 

Do I fit in? Probably not.
Is my redneck showing? YES... incredible amounts of real tree and duck/deer meat have been blessing my home. 
Does A like it? I think so.. we both miss small things about "city living" but in all.. this would be a place to raise any sort of family.
How does my family feel? They laugh uncontrolably when I tell them about the weather. In fact my dad said he could never again tell me I'd never experienced a "real" winter. Win. 

So here it is.. my redneck, starbucks loving, boot wearing, leggings are pants declaration to my love of North Dakota... but I am extremely excited about going to Washington in Feb!

Friday, October 18, 2013

life lately

life is crazy, exciting and has been a lot nicer than when living in a hotel. 
basically A bought a house, we moved in and started unpacking and now.. now we are enjoying a beautiful life filled with a giant kitchen and our own bed. 

I've been working and looking for full time work.. despite how much I love both my jobs I have things to do, bills to pay and school to plan for. I just look forward to being able to focus on the real and very important parts of life. 

aside from getting the house settled I've been playing suzy homemaker.. cooking dinner every night, cleaning, laundry and of course enjoying lifetime.. because that's what homemakers do, right? Just kidding! But seriously, I do watch a lot of lifetime. I'm also -hopefully- done looking for a new church, which ironically, is hope community.. and I got to do a first for my photography: I shot a love session for a same sex couple!! 

© Belle Hiver Photography

Obviously I haven't posted this on my photography site, but I am getting ready -we literally just got internet. 

Well I suppose that's a pretty good update, stay tuned for an amazing blog-redesign and some great news for the holidays!