Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas tree time

So A and I went to Schilter Farms  in Olympia to get our Christmas tree this year. This place is awesome, though I think we got there after all the fun festivities of the day were over but it was still fun. Its one of those things where you can walk around and find your perfect tree, cut it down and then have someone take it up to the front for you.. because you are much too lazy to lug the 12' tree that A cut down allllll the way to the front office area.. yeah.. that's right, 12' and he cut off about 4' to get it to fit in our house.. 

Our finished tree
We're keeping a tradition that we both picked up from families which is to only get an ornament each every year. So far 90% of my ornaments are from Pottery Barn after holiday sales, so we get some BEAUTIFUL ones for super cheap. 

A&A this ornament I made last year
 I love this VERY simple initial wing ornament, just follow the design and use your initial as the wing :) 
 We got some snow! It lasted for a day, but obviously our Bru bear loved it. 

Cutting down the tree time! 

So obviously we had a blast, A was excited to use his saw.. that dork. I definitely recommend these farms, ALL of their douglas firs were $25 so we were able to find the perfect tree and then trim it down to size. The staff was amazingly helpful, and are very much about making you feel welcome. Thank you guys for making our last holiday in the Pacific Northwest -living at least- a great one.. even though I have to wait till December 28th to open ANY presents because I have to work and A is at his parents... we are truly excited/happy about it though. 

Have a great day! 

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