Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

From our family to yours we hope that you have a safe and beautiful holiday season.

We have a lot of spots missing around the friend table this year, we wish our loved ones were here, we wish we could spend this time with them but are extremely grateful that the majority are coming home soon. 

and obviously I couldn't leave you guys without this little treasure.. enjoy. 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Military | A's Bronze Star

This last Friday I was able to watch A be awarded his bronze star. Its been almost a year and a half since the Major he worked with in his last deployment awarded it to him, the reason it took so long is because this award came from the Army and had to go through the Air Force. I was a little teary eyed when he was being promoted, especially when they listed out why he was awarded this medal, and that he was awarded by someone who was with him on that deployment was just amazing to me. 

In 2011 A was deployed with the 3rd Batalion, 21st Infantry Regiment, 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team for his support and performance in Panjwai, AFG. 
A says its a team effort, he's right, it comes from the guys on the ground to the guys in the air.. its all of the branches and gratitude is given to any and all who were with A on that deployment.. I know how hard it was for him, I know that watching your friends pass or be injured isn't easy and I think the thing that stuck out most was when the Col said 
"in his job *insert A's rank/name here* saved 200 lives, 200 people are celebrating holidays today with their families."

Two-hundred ... and you know what A said when a reporter asked him how he felt? 
Humbled, he was just doing what every other JTAC has done for years, he was just recognized for it. 

A has never been one to be proud of himself and he is far to humble about the situation.. and I think its funny when people say "you should be proud of him" oh man, you all have no idea how proud I am. 

In the last three years I have watched this man walk away to war every year and for the last three years I have waited for him to come home, and I have been very lucky to welcome him home every time I've sent him off... I have heard the difficulties, seen him age 10 years because of the stress and listened to the stories when they get together.. you never really know until they speak about it.. things are different from when we first met.. we are his family and that is an amazing feeling. Everyday I am proud of him, every minute he's here with me I am proud and every time I watch him walk away to get on a plane to Afghanistan I am proud. But to hear the way his superiors and the men he supported while on his last deployment speak about him makes me swell with pride.

A after he was awarded, I may post more pictures when I get them from the professional photographer who was there. 

A, you have amazed me for three years and I know you will continue to do so for hopefully the rest of our lives. I love you. 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas tree time

So A and I went to Schilter Farms  in Olympia to get our Christmas tree this year. This place is awesome, though I think we got there after all the fun festivities of the day were over but it was still fun. Its one of those things where you can walk around and find your perfect tree, cut it down and then have someone take it up to the front for you.. because you are much too lazy to lug the 12' tree that A cut down allllll the way to the front office area.. yeah.. that's right, 12' and he cut off about 4' to get it to fit in our house.. 

Our finished tree
We're keeping a tradition that we both picked up from families which is to only get an ornament each every year. So far 90% of my ornaments are from Pottery Barn after holiday sales, so we get some BEAUTIFUL ones for super cheap. 

A&A this ornament I made last year
 I love this VERY simple initial wing ornament, just follow the design and use your initial as the wing :) 
 We got some snow! It lasted for a day, but obviously our Bru bear loved it. 

Cutting down the tree time! 

So obviously we had a blast, A was excited to use his saw.. that dork. I definitely recommend these farms, ALL of their douglas firs were $25 so we were able to find the perfect tree and then trim it down to size. The staff was amazingly helpful, and are very much about making you feel welcome. Thank you guys for making our last holiday in the Pacific Northwest -living at least- a great one.. even though I have to wait till December 28th to open ANY presents because I have to work and A is at his parents... we are truly excited/happy about it though. 

Have a great day! 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Photo dump and...

So for starters, sorry I've not been around! I know people may have thought I died.. okay you probably just thought I'd stopped blogging completely, but I didn't.  Instead I have somewhat of a photo dump so you guys just buckle up and be prepared for the amazing-ness that shall follow! 
So first off look at me and my boy! Remember when I went camping (uh I posted about it on twitter) well Bru & I were all sorts of "white trash" that day. I mean.. I was wearing cut offs with my PINK sweater and brown bear claw boots. Basically went against anything that normal people would wear. It was fun. 

Bru & I are pretty much BFFs and we like to have moments.. constantly. 

So this is my work BFF named Brett, he's amazing and loves musicals, acting and going to cheese fries and totally mess up my diet!! But its okay, though now we don't get to spend our lunches together I still get to sit across from him and tell him when people hit on me or he ever so nicely stays an extra 30 minutes after his schedule when I get a HORRIBLE customer on the phone. Seriously, you guys need to treat cust care with respect.. cause otherwise you wont get what you want! 

So my sister and her boyfriend Dave were staying with me and I inherited a bajillion scarves. THANK YOU SEESTER! 

This is from my Oregon trip with Bru & my dad.. whoops.. I need to definitely upload those pictures up. 

So about a week and a half before A got home I got a really bad flu, the flu turned into a cough and I bruised ribs (which are still bruised ALL over my ribcage) and one night after work I'd had enough, so my sister (in the back) and Dave took me to urgent care. Thank you! Diagnosed with an upper resp infection -duh?- and give codine -thank you?- but yeah.. this mask made me feel like I was a zombie.

And then....
A CAME HOME!!!!!!!!! 

Having my boys together for the first time in MONTHS was amazing, Bru was so excited! He has been attached to A's hip since he got home and its pretty adorable -also takes a load off of me- another great thing is that A is on leave for a good long while so I have gotten a GREAT break :) thank you A! Though I don't enjoy having Bru jump up in our bed, he never does that and all of a sudden when A got home it was all I'm gonna be in the bed now! Dork. 

My handsome :) 

A brought me the American flag that he carried with him in Afghanistan. Its pretty fantastic and I can't wait to put it in a shadow box and get a plaque for it.. this is such an amazing gift because its from his last deployment as a TACP. More on that later, but oh my, I am excited. 

That's all for now folks, thanks for hanging with my photo dump/A's home post.. I'll be trying to post a few more times this month AND I've put some great blog ideas on paper. :) 
lots of love