Thursday, February 26, 2015

Guys Behind the Blog | Link-Up

It is time for a link up with Heavens to Betsy for a Guys Behind the Blog link-up! I've never participated in this before and am so grateful that Eric agreed to participate. I won't lie, when I read his responses I got a bit sappy, so be prepared. 

1.  If you could write a book, what topic would you write about and why?
 I would write a book about the importance of parents supporting their children in any endeavor they choose, I would do this because my parents unconditional support of my life lead me down amazing paths and gave me experiences that I otherwise would never have had. I could tell stories of the amazing doors being a musician opened for me and explain the heartbreaks it brought but how those heart breaks and their support caused me to become the man I am today.  Unfortunately I am neither intelligent enough or capable of writing well enough to do this. 

2.  What is one thing on your bucket list, or one thing that you’d like to do or accomplish in your lifetime?
Get married. 

(probs to me ;) 

3.  If you could look out your window and only see one view for the rest of your life, what would you want to see?
Sunrise over the Swiss alps as seen from the balcony of my hotel room in Champrey Switzerland.

-- Can I just say that I am superbly jealous of the views he's seen? Thankfully he's willing to see most of them with me again.

4.  Imagine you’re opening a shop.  What are you selling? 
Musical Instruments.

5.  If you could have 50lbs of anything other than money, what would it be?
 Super well fit comfortable jeans!  Because I can't find any.........

6.  Time to brag on your girl…tell us one thing that makes you proud of your girlfriend/fiance/wife!
I'm proud of her because she is so adamantly independent and self sure, she refuses to let others opinions change who she is and there is nothing I value greater in this world than a person comfortable in themselves and their beliefs. 

Do you see why I was a little sappy? Yeah, this man is the best I've ever known. I feel like some of this can be read as "stubborn"


Julie @ Artwork by JM said...

Sounds like he would get along well with my husband... he's also a musician. That was sort of his answer when I asked him what kind of store he would want to open. lol

Acacia Winters said...

Definitely was and I loved the link up too (have to read most blogs after work!) and hopefully he does check off that bucket list, but I'll patiently wait.

Acacia Winters said...

He had no idea, but since he loves music that's what he chose. He played the sax forever and has a BA in music, but stopped playing after said degree.

Laura Jean said...

I am right there with you and the comfortable jeans - near impossible!

Terrence @ girl repurposed said...

self-sure is a wonderful quality! count your blessings!