Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fashion | Washington + Rain

So I've been in the PacNW for the last four years, Washington for three... and I have to say that for the first 3 years I didn't own a winter coat, rain jacket, umbrella, rain boots or anything remotely decent for rainy weather. I'm from Arizona, this mythical thing called rain rarely happens there.. and yet I moved to the raniest state.. genius award. 

Now things that you definitely should spend your money on? A good rain coat w/ the zip out liner. I recommend Columbia or North Face, both amazing, but Columbia is a little cheaper -at times- than North Face. 
Rain boots- just get some, trust me. 
Boots - I had some cowboy boots, till Bru ate one, now I have no boots and am sad.. bring on the sister and her $10 Frye boots! 
Umbrella, though I don't use one, I hear they work wonders! 
But just because its chilly and rainy doesn't mean you have to turn in your summer wardrobe. In fact I wear my summer/spring clothes year round by layering on with my fall clothes. These two style boards are from my pinterest that I absolutely LOVE. Though add more color if you live up here, seasonal depression is a killer. 

I hope to make more attempts at fashion blogging, with my sister moving up here I'll finally have someone that I can A. have dress me + update my style and B. take pictures. You'll more than likely see her fashions on here more than mine, but hey.. use your resources, right?! 

I hope you ladies enjoy the fall/winter, and those in the PacNW feel free to let me know your must haves for the rainy season. 

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