Friday, February 20, 2015

Lent + Me

Lent is a new thing to me, I participated last year + went to the churches lent thing. I still have the nail that represented Christ's wounds for my sin and I carried it around for pretty much the whole year. My little reminder that Christ went before me, when I ran my finger across it + when I laid it on a table + thought about it. When in all my selfish behavior my God still loves me. Last year I gave up fast food + Starbucks, I bragged about participating. I was trying to prove that my life was "amazing" when it wasn't. I was a sinner then + I'm a sinner now. I have learned a lot + yet feel so far from Christ.. 


This year I will be reading along with She Reads Truth on a daily basis.
I will not give up anything. 
I will increase God in my life and let myself decrease. 
I will devote time to prayer + devotion. 
I will be healthier + a more centered vessel for God to use. 
This is my lent. 


I hope that you all have started your lent journey's + they are going well. I hope you succeed in whatever you're giving up or trying to increase in your life. If you need prayers or are in my area + want to meet up to talk or anything, please comment below or email me hellolovelyblog(@)gmail(.)com

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