Thursday, February 12, 2015

Arizona | Golf & Guacamole

HELLO AGAIN! So here we are for part two of our awesome trip to Arizona. I recapped days 1 & 2 here so if you want to read that first, go ahead! Our second day in Arizona happened to be Sunday so after service at Eric's parents church we went on a trip golfing which was really just Eric and his parents golfing while I drove the cart. 
Eric and his parents with the Superstition mountains in the background.. I told y'all he was tall as heck! 

Eric's parents are pretty much the cutest couple I've seen. After 30+ years they still flirt and joke around. This gives me such hope for marriage and relationships in general. I'd always been resigned to the belief that you are happy until you're not and then you either get a divorce or are subjected to a lifetime of unhappiness. This is not how it should be and I will not have a marriage like that. 

I definitely had the easier job of everyone. I'm not a golfer -yet, says Eric- and so I kind of just hung out while snapping pictures of everyone here and there. Overall I loved being in the sun and wearing my flip flops while my friends back in North Dakota had snow and negative degrees. But after hanging out at the course we needed a snack, so we went to Cantina Laredo for some Mexican food. My dreams came true when Eric's dad Hans let me know that they made guacamole at your table and it was the best he'd ever had. 
I was not disappointed in this portion of the meal and I will tell you all to go there for the guacamole and their apple pie desert with cinnamon ice cream. If you could imagine the most delectable crust for a pie their desert had it. I didn't get many pictures because we were starving. I will say the fish tacos I had were a little disappointing, I'm used to so much more flavor, but they were spicy and that was good. I will say that I'd go back for the two very good things and some margaritas, but probably not for dinner or lunch. After a much needed run to best buy for a new camera charger I went to dinner with my dad and Patty-Lynn at the Cornish Pasty Co in Mesa. It was dead and that's exactly how I like my restaurants! 
I had my go-to pasty of shepherd's pie and, as usual, it did not disappoint! We had desert for the first time too and it was pretty dang tasty. I had the sticky toffee pudding which weirdly enough tasted like gingerbread and had the consistency of a bread pudding. After a lovely evening out we went back to Eric's parents for a nice chat after the Seahawks lost the Super Bowl. We talked a lot about places to hike in Arizona and our favorite places that dad took us kids. I loved watching my dad and stepmom talking with Diane and Hans, it's nice to see families getting along so well, especially considering it was that night at dinner that I told my dad that Eric is a permanent fixture in my life and that there's a strong possibility that North Dakota could be my forever home. Gulp. Stay tuned for MORE AZ :) 

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