Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valentines Day

So I'm posting this a little late mainly because I had a root canal this last Thursday and interestingly enough.. it has been bugging me. Sigh. But that won't stop me from telling you all about the very first Valentines with Eric!
(just wanted to make you guys laugh a bit) 

So on Friday I was kind of bumming around because my mouth was a little sore and took off part of my day so that I could just take it easy. Eric had o run an errand and lucky me I got "feel better" flowers, which are far better than Valentine's flowers because they are for the sole reason to make me smile. When I got some more time off of work Eric and I were in the impatient mood of giving gifts. I don't know why this surprised me at all since Christmas was basically celebrated for 2 weeks and whenever a gift would come in we'd just give them to each other #romantic! 
I gave Eric some boxers (ooo lala) a jar of hand written love notes that included quotes, lyrics and things like "I love that you laugh at farts" because I do. Seriously, his giggle is pretty adorable. For my gift I got a card, that ironically had to do with farts, and I thought that was it. Eric had been texting me about being annoyed earlier and I figured one of two things was going to happen. 
1. He gave up and would take me shopping later. 
2. He gave up and would find something later. 
But that man, I'll tell you what.. he surprised me big time. I thought that I was getting the naked 3 palette since I'd been wanting it for months and he kept talking about getting me it.. instead he walked out of his closet with a jewelry box. 
Yeah, the man got me a blue sapphire bracelet. Talk about shocked, but incredibly happy. I love shiny things! Since this was on Friday -cause we're incapable of celebrating things on the day intended- we decided to go get some pizza from Papa Murphy's 
Heart shaped love. 
The next day Eric and I had planned to do our grocery shopping and have a lazy day with dinner. When we woke up we decided to go see a movie and do our grocery shopping -which included a trip to the butcher, I don't know why I love going to the butcher, but I do. We went to see The Kingsman, which was funnier than anticipated and we both talked about how surprised we were that it was that good. After some shopping we decided to head home and get ready for dinner. It was like 4... we live in a small town (80k-100k people) and there are probably 5 good restaurants. We thought "hey, lets get to dinner stupid early and be old people" everyone else had that idea. So after being told a 4 hour to 1.5 hour wait we went to a BBQ place down at the other end of town, Wild Hog. While I wasn't 100% thrilled with the steak cut I got, the fried pickles, garlic potatoes and peanut butter and chocolate cheesecake saved the date! Plus I had this handsome man sitting next to me, dealing with my hanger (hunger-anger). He made the day so amazing and I cannot believe I get to spend my time him. *insert heart eyes emoji* 

I loved this food! Wild Hog in Grand Forks. 

All in all I was incredibly happy to spend the whole day with the love of my life and we have since decided that small towns stink and if we want the "best" restaurant in GF then we should go 2-3 days before or after any major holiday. 

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