Saturday, February 13, 2016

Weekly Recap

I am a terrible blogger, really, but I have this cute remade layout and I got it for a steal on the etsy! I've sat here, for hours, trying to write things that are on my heart.. but I'm not sure I'm ready for all of that. It's nothing bad, but posting about my faith and possibly writing about things that are a little tougher isn't something I am 100% okay with.. I will figure it out.

SO ... here's a recap of my week, which I would like to claim is my first week as a married woman! Since I had most of this week off I was able to cross some pretty big things off of my list, like registering our license and getting my name changed on my license.. ps $3, ND YOU ROCK! Aside from all of that jazz I sat on my butt and watched an obscene amount of NCIS.. so that was cool.

Now for a photo dump! I'm starting with last Saturday because I know some people have been dying to see just a sneak peek of something. So enjoy all the gloriousness below.

One of Eric's friends, dad asked for a "normal" face so I sent him this. 

Monday I spent the day becoming Mrs. Acacia Reinhardt and I can say as of now, its official. Not nearly as hard as everyone said.. possibly because I live in a small town. 


Today, we can #tobeapartner and you can all know that I work for Starbucks and ... it's interesting. 

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