Friday, February 6, 2015

5 Things

Anniversary style! 
Eric, I know that you read my blog. How? Cause I tell you, and you follow me on twitter and this is a little post for you, once a month. 
1. You make the best spaghetti I've ever had.. and I've had some pretty spaghetti.
2. I like how crazy supportive you are and that we can talk openly about things like me going back to school and big life decisions. These might sound like normal things, but the arguments I've had with others in the past... whoa huge difference.
3. Since I've met your family I've discovered that you come from one of the most amazing families in the world. No joke.
4. My dad likes you as does the rest of my family.. this is big, they strongly dislike most people.
5. Thank you for making me live in the moment and smile. I am pretty good at trying to plan my life away and you pretty much settle me down. 

Every month this will happen.. you lucky ducky.

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