Friday, February 13, 2015

Arizona | The Grand Canyon Part One

Welcome back to another Arizona segment, this round we'll be talking about our trip to The Grand Canyon  this was probably the most anticipated portion of our trip to Arizona. I know I grew up in Arizona and that our license plates boast "The Grand Canyon State" but I'd never been which is apparently crazy? Growing up seeing the big hole in the ground was never something that interested me, we would rather hike the mountains nearby or go to Sycamore Canyon to one of my favorite water holes to hang out for the day. I am glad that I went this round, it was good to create such a beautiful memory with someone who I love so dearly.. even if I had to get up at 0430 to get ready and go. There are so many pictures that I kind of had to separate this post up and not overwhelm you guys. So first portion will be full of Bright Angel and such. 

My "selfie" tactic for the day so i could get the switch backs my dad talked about climbing. It's nice to be somewhere that hasn't changed too much in the last 50 years.. just guard rails. 

Welcome to me being a not so sneaky photographer. This is the only picture of all four of us together.. I think it speaks volumes to the fun we had. 
This picture was taken by Eric, he happens to be a way, way better nature photographer than myself. I'm happy for this because he taught me a lot! 

Eric and his Mama, Diane. 
I found a cave and I just love it.. ps Eric is a flipping giant. 
Diane and Hans at the beautiful rock bridge. 
Eric and myself at the same place, it'll be nice to get these two pictures into frames. I'm a big fan of the memories we have created and I can fill our future home with -and my desk at work!- 
Another Eric picture! I was amazed at the size of the canyon, but I didn't have an "ah-ha" moment until the end of our trip. It is gorgeous, do not get me wrong, but I wasn't moved in the beginning.. just extraordinarily reminded that I am a very, very small person created just as lovingly by God as this beautiful place. 


Acacia Winters said...

I recommend going at least once! It's a fun place to go to, Arizona has some of the most breath taking places to see.

Jenna Griffin said...

These photos are beautiful!! The Grand Canyon is definitely on my bucket list of places to travel!!!

Acacia Winters said...

I highly recommend it! It was a place I've wanted to go, but like I said, there are some prettier (less busy) places. If/when you wind up going, I think winter time is best.