Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Arizona Trip Days 1 & 2

At the end of January Eric and I made our way to Gilbert, AZ just in time for the super bowl (which I did not watch) to spend some time with his parents and to deflate from the busy peak season we had at work. Since I'd just been to AZ and spent 4 days solely with my family I figured I could get away with a trip just for me and my relaxation. Except for my dad wanting to hang out a few times, this was true. 

We headed off to Fargo and got there about an hour early, lucky us, because the line was all the way to the stairs/escalators and if you know Fargo airport then you know that this is a big deal. 

Thankfully we had the exit row seating on the way there! Eric is 6'5" give or take and has legs for days. Sadly, the middle seats on allegiant air are stupid small and I do not recommend sitting in the middle if you don't have to, but if you do drink some bloody mary's to make it better! 
 Needless to say, I was extremely happy to get off of the plane, a little tipsy and totally psyched/nervous to meet Eric's parents. We headed to lunch and had BJ's which I hadn't had since my days of living in Tacoma and was more than happy to eat. After lunch I had to figure out how to have dinner with my dad, sister and her kiddos... ugh.. roll eyes, smh all of the things! 
Going into my room at Eric's parents there was a bouquet of fresh roses. I cannot say how wonderful it was to have such a thoughtful gift in my room, as well as a pendant that says "faith" on it. I am in absolutely adoration of his family. After getting "slightly" settled we headed from Gilbert to Phoenix for a dinner at a Winters favorite; Oregano's Pizza! I had to get my chicken a broccoli pizza fix. Eric got to meet those whom I hold dearest and I cannot say how incredibly happy I was to look across the table and see the two most important men in my life talking and actually enjoying each others company. 
I was subjected to the "kids" side because I'm their favorite aunt (and I'm sticking to that, I'm way more cool ;) where my niece told me about school, being asked to audition for choir next year and my nephew was a punk who just ate all my food. I gave my niece a Tiffany's penguin that way she has a little bit of me with her at all times. Over all we had a pretty decent time with dinner. I know my niece and nephew were bummed that I didn't spend more time with them, but I had to have me time too. 
The next morning Eric and I headed to the Crêpe Bar in Phoenix for a fantastic breakfast with my dad and stepmom Patty Lynn. I will say this, if you're in Phoenix, go! Not only are their crêpe's delicious they have some of the best coffee I've ever tasted. I'm a little bummed that I didn't get to go again, but we only had so much time. After we did that we went out to the Air Museum and an evening at the symphony. 
Erics yummy crêpe
Walking around the air field was absolutely amazing. There was al little rain and some residual clouds, but Phoenix has always been the most beautiful place to see rain so I didn't mind too much. 
Eric was like a 10 year old, walking around just in awe. It's an amazing thing to see someone so passionate about something. He wouldn't stop and smile for much of anything! The only weird part about this trip the field was that there was a British Canberra plane(s) -which is basically a B-57, Eric is my go-to for WWII era planes- being there. He was utterly confused how it got there, my theory is a poker game. This makes sense. 

After that we went to the symphony which had a special circus theme that evening. I loved small parts of it, as it was my first symphony I was just there to soak up the greatness. Beautiful music, fantastic performers -with some really weird stuff mixed in- overall the first two days were pretty great. I know you're all excited for everything else to come, so stay tuned for golfing and The Grand Canyon! 

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