Sunday, May 10, 2015

"You Got This"

Ever meet someone who completely changes how you view.. everyone? I mean, I already met Eric and he's completely changed my view on what love is, and should be. 

Then I met his mom. 

Can we just say holy crap cause that's pretty much only thing I can think when I think of Diane. I'll be 100% honest, I had no idea that a mother could/should love as much as she loves her family. It's truly amazing. Not only has she been an amazing mom, like both her boys are enamored by this wonderful lady, but she's also made a life change that has resulted in some pretty amazing things. 

This last weekend Diane ran the Fargo 5k. This is after an amazing year long challenge to herself to lose weight and become a healthier person overall.. she did it and is a huge inspiration to myself and others. I had made a pretty sweet sign that said "You got this!" and, of course, Eric one up'd me by writing "Love you mom" on his. Such a goody-goody ;) 

Eric's dad Hans decided to surprise Diane at the Fargo 5k and as usual I had my camera with me (ps, anyone else laugh at the little girls confused face??) 

30+ years of marriage and these two are as in love as they day they said "I Do" 

These are the moments that I love and how I've figured out that the attainability of someone to love you unconditionally is real.  Way to go, Diane! 

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