Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Farm Land | Langdon, ND

Something beautiful that I've had the opportunity to witness in the last six months of knowing Eric is seeing his families farm. Before seeing this kind of thing up close I'd had a very limited knowledge and non-personal relationship with anything farm related. 
Langdon farm land © Belle Hiver Photography 2015 
Going out to the farm this last weekend was a little educational, but also just amazing. I never really thought about where certain grains come from or how vastly large the Northern Plains are, but after seeing these guys out there.. I have a new appreciation in my life for farmers. Obviously I couldn't help but take a few pictures. All of these are © Belle Hiver Photography 2015 and are not to be used without specific permission from me. 

Eric's brother coming over for dinner. He had been up till 2 the previous morning getting seeding done and making sure they were ahead of schedule. This is a 24/7 type of job, everything they have and their families have, is put on the line to bring wheat, canola and soy beans to our tables. 

This next set of three pictures is Eric's dad Hans, this land has been in his family for a long, long time. Hans' father, Hans VI, came out to the states from Switzerland and Hans VII has been working the land since he was a kid, probably close to 50 years. Eric has told me that this land is in his blood and I didn't believe him, until I saw Hans out there working and you can tell how much he loves it. 

Of course a weekend with his brother/parents wouldn't be complete without all the kids! Even though I work with kids all day long, I can't help but love being with these little's -especially when I get first hugs!

Sunday, Eric took me out in the side-by-side to see some more of the families land and get a real appreciation for how much there is to farm. We saw a barn - that looks like a narwhal- that was about 70/80 years old full of some pretty interesting things like turn of the century equipment! Of course a wonderful surprise is that they were mostly John Deere! 

My handsome. 

This is straight out of my camera, I was so happy with it! 

As I mentioned above there was old school John Deere equipment, a seeder that was from before John Deere, was John Deere. See my dad's side is from Moline and they love their John Deere. I found this seeder cap and just couldn't resist grabbing a picture. My dad and uncles are already asking how I can get this for them, I won't, this would be mine.. finders keepers? ;) 

I hope that you all are able to enjoy what I've provided in photography 

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