Friday, May 22, 2015

Nanny Life | The Adventure Begins

To be completely honest, I was really nervous to start nannying again. After my last nanny job ended back in 2012 I decided that it was time to stop, and I did. That was 3 years ago, almost, and I hadn't considered going back to nannying until this last winter. 

See I had never really seen a need for nannying in the Northern Plains, unless we were in a bigger city. I see a lot of women are stay-at-home types and that's awesome, but it leaves a little to be desired for being a nanny since moms are home or are using the smaller in-home daycares. So after a little searching and finding families who want the one-on-one care of a nanny, but are unwilling to pay for that type of care, I stumbled upon the S's. 

They were like a breath of fresh air after being in the city for too long. Southern, wonderful and all sorts of committed to their kids, family and jobs. My kind of people! In the last two weeks since my job started I have found about a billion more reasons to love them and their kids. I took this job knowing it'd be FT throughout the summer and I could focus back on studies in the fall and maybe get that darn AA in ECE. 

Now because this is a big part of my life,  I will be sharing more and more, but please know that I will protect these kids and family. No names, pictures of faces or details about their work or lives -aside from my nannying projects- so I'll "introduce" you to the "S's". 

Red - Youngest and a spit fire. 
Dubs - Oldest, a thoughtful kiddo. 
Broski - Middle, crazy. 

Obviously the parents who will be referred to as my bosses or "S's". 

Since starting two weeks ago I've realized 2 things. 
1. Time moves fast when you like your job. 
2. I love finding people who are older than myself and hold to the same values. It's refreshing, even if my inner self is 40. 
But it has been exciting. I'm motivated and impressed and just all over happy to go to work everyday. It's no longer a chore for me to get out of bed everyday and get ready. I'm up, hanging out with my man before he heads out and just relishing the fact that I will go somewhere that I am actually making a difference. I hope you guys enjoy the adventure as it unfolds! 

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