Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Nanny Life | Spray Paint Art!

Spray Paint Art - A super fun, slightly messy, activity for kids of all ages!! 

This last week the kids and I did a newer art form and it was a HIT! I was wandering around Target when I hopped into the dollar section and found some dopplers and hair spray bottles full of paint and figured “why not” because nothing in life is more fun than spending all of your money at Target. 

Since I have a recently turned 3 and 4 year old the difference in learning is unique. B-boy and Red are so much the same, and yet different. Where as B-boy can spell, trace and follow directions 80% of the time, Red still needs a little help and I figured that this activity was one that both could do/enjoy. 

What you’ll need: 

Hair spray bottle (you can buy the ones filled with paint or fill them yourself) 
Paint - I go for Hobby Lobby’s pain in the kid section. It’s watered down enough to do these types of projects. 
Stencil! We made our “A” but you can really do anything, I do recommend card stock or something similar. 
Tape, paint brushes and smocks/old clothes. 

--keep in mind I'll take pictures of supplies in the future, but this craft was a little on the fly--

I will recommend that you put down plastic or do this project outside because it can get a little messy. 

First, grab your stencil and either place it freely on your paper or tape it. Then have the kiddo either spray the paint from the bottles or help them to do so. I’m a fan of having people try first, then help second. 

After they’ve sprayed the colors they like you can either remove the stencil or let them keep it there to use paint brushes/rollers or stamps and make their creation even more unique. 

When all is said and done you get a pretty unique piece of art and kids who are covered in paint and full of laughter. You can also save the stencil if you want, or keep it in your art bin! 

Have you tried this project? If you have, tag me on instagram: @acaciaduh and #nannyprojectsbyacacia 

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