Friday, May 29, 2015

Pembina Gorge | ND Adventures

This last winter when Eric and I first started dating I was incredibly home sick. My heart was dying from the amount of flat ground I'd seen in the last year and a half that it was hard to not dream of packing up and leaving all together. 

Thankfully, I have an amazing boyfriend who knows this, just by looking at me, and takes charge into getting me what I need; rolling hills and a change in scenery. After he took me to the Pembina Gorge, I made him promise to bring me back each season so that I can do a time lapse series.

So this weekend was the perfect time since we were already up that way for the Tetrault Woods hike and this time we were extra lucky because his mom and Wanda were with us! As you can see, the spring vs. winter is vastly different, but so beautiful in it's own way. 

Of course, how could I get away from such a wonderful place without conning that handsome man into a selfie with me? I also got him to take a picture of me at the edge, you know my dad's favorite place I go when hiking? Yeaaaaah!

Also, check out this gorgeous picture of a wild lilac. It's amazing to see these bushes that were so huge and barren a few months ago blooming with life. Again, if interested in a print, please don't hesitate to contact me!

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