Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Happy Birthday, Daddio!

How do you say happy birthday to a dad? By posting up selfies you took with him in AZ! 

Some fun facts about my dad: 

1. He sneezes and it's a production. 
2. He's stubborn. 
3. He named me!
4. He wanted to be a journalist, but settled for a computer nerd job and has overcome this field without a degree. He's a smarty pants. 
5. Highly sarcastic. 
6. He enjoys burritos with coffee, and rubs in that he can have Chino Bandito's whenever he wants. 
7. He took his first "selfie" with me in November. 
8. He hiked the Grand Canyon on a whim! Not the smartest move, but he loved it. 
9. He makes terrible puns and it's the best. 
10. He's my dad and that makes him pretty cool. 

I have no idea what else to tell you guys, aside from the fact that I am so grateful to look like him and to have his sense of humor ;) 

I hope you have the best birthday yet! 

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