Sunday, May 17, 2015


Since I left my job with Amazon I've had this abundance of inspiration and insane thankfulness. Even during the temper tantrums and poopy diapers I can't help but be overcome with this incredible sense of having made the right choice. 

I left my job for something that will be part time come August/September, but I fully trust God in this situation. 

Now with my inspiration I've been dragging friends out to do little sessions here and there, but when people aren't available I actually have to get this stuff out either writing -ha- or doing art. Thankfully I have a plethora of art supplies and this past weekend was a creative weekend. It all started with needing to get Red's (the little girl I nanny, post coming soon) second birthday gift together and nothing at Target really screamed "RED!" aside from a super cute jumper and some crayons, cause who doesn't love mermaid inspired crayola crayons?! But this little girl is a spit fire. She seriously has this look that absolutely kills me, you know the wheels are turning, but you don't know why. It's killer. 

So I figured something that was a little more personalized would be a better alternative than the Melissa & Doug toys or the crazy amount of princess themed toys -she's never seen/read anything princess and I love it! So I free handed a pin-spired board. 

All the pictures below are free-hand. 

Red's little painting. She definitely lived up to this on Saturday when she gave mom and dad a run for  their money. Little girls are the bee's knees.  Since her brother Dubya's birthday is coming up shortly I figured to make him something that really makes me smile. He's the coolest kiddo I've met in a long time, as far as 5-year olds go, and definitely a leader in the making. 

After that I was sitting at the table that I've taken over and thought to try my hand at drawing "people" I'm terrible at faces, so I made the images below... definitely inspired by God and His unfailing love.

This one was inspired by Kari Jobe's song "I am not alone" one of my friends said it looks like a pregnant ladies stomach, which is so cool to see someone else's view! I'm still working as I'm not sure exactly how to put the words from her song on there. 

Above is a little something that I love. I saw it on pinterest, and I've wanted to paint it for my own kid's nursery, but that's a few more years out, so I have decided to gift this locally. 

It's a little crazy how one thing so totally changed my heart for the better. I was never a "painter" and most of my drawings were mostly stick figures/dinosaurs. I hope you all find some inspiration for your week, I know I sure will! 

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