Friday, May 1, 2015

Bad Blogger//Big Changes

I know we all have moments where we are incredibly busy, or just feel so blah that blogging seems like a constant uphill battle. I've found that during this time it's best to just walk away until you feel better. 

The last four months have been incredibly hard on me. I've gone from loving my job to completely despising getting up in the morning.. I was just basically on auto pilot for the majority of Jan-April.. I complained and I had my amazing, supportive and loving boyfriend point out the obvious: Get a new job. 

So I started applying to office jobs around the Grand Forks/Fargo area.. each time coming back with a response "you have a great cover letter, but you're experience is lacking a little" which only discouraged me.. Insert Eric again to encourage the discouraged. If I didn't have him, I might have resigned to staying with Amazon.

So I took a leap... 

I'm going to be a nanny, again! 

I was a little nervous, especially after interviewing with two people who were not willing to pay a full time wage for full time work! Seriously, I was a little miffed. I walked into my third interview with the S's and before I left my car I was all "Hey God.. please?" I was blown away. For starters a 30 minute interview turned into an hour and a half! They have the sweetest children and I was so blown away that A and J were so open with me.. I felt immediately at home, immediately! God was sitting there going "Ya buddy!" and I felt silly for doubting my heart being called back into serving a family as their nanny. 

So... now I'm going to start a new, old, adventure.. I hope to have you all along for the journey. I plan to write a lot more now that I don't have this sinking feeling of sadness in my soul. 

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