Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Oh Happy DAY!

Hello Lovelies! 
So I know I took a bit of a weird break, I had a lot of plans for my 26 adventures -which I'm slowly working on- and just got so very side tracked with time and the lack of there being more than 24 hours, or my inability to wake up before 9.. which will be changing soon because I GOT CONVERTED! 

You're all like "what?" 
Basically I've been working for an amazing company since November and the whole deal with this, and my other two jobs, was that I was really hanging by "if I get this permanently..." because it was seasonal. Now I've left my other two positions because I was given a full time position! I am so incredibly blessed to have been offered this position, but I will say that I worked my butt off. I gave it my all. So starting next week I am a permanent "blue badge" and that's a big deal.
Other things that kind of went along with this? 
Getting out of debt, moving out and getting a new computer.. I can happily say that I will be on my way to being debt free by the end of 2014 -aside from my car- and I will be working my butt off to get transfered to Seattle if possible -or GA, or KY.. anywhere warm- 
I'm looking for an apartment for myself, something small enough to keep me, but big enough to get a puppy.. I'll still live in ND.. but I don't know how often I'd see my beast, you know.. the guy currently sitting on my leg, and before anyone says I can take him with, Bru is A's dog. Legally. 
BUT its okay because we all love him, even if I say I love him more... I know A loves him a great deal, and those two are the best of buddies.. so how could I knowingly split that up?! I'm looking for a mini ausie because they are a good size and just as smart as my Mal.. but I wont lie.. my heart hurts whenever I think about leaving him behind. 
Other than that? Well I've been seeing a very nice young man, I've made friends and that's really about it! Thank you guys for being around and giving me such beautiful advice and encouragement. I love ya! 


Jen said...

Congrats on the job!

I just moved from KY, it gets cold there! I'd pick GA. :)

Jane said...

You are so amazing. I know moving on is hard and leaving behind your dog, ugh that is rough! But, I'm so excited for your bright and happy future. <3