Thursday, February 11, 2016

Ring Shots

So a few things are really good for my creativity during the winter; wine and time! I mean wine probably isn't the best thing to have around my expensive gear, but I'm a professional.

Anyways, while I am impatiently patiently waiting for the wedding pictures to be posted by our amazing photographer, I decided to bust out my own gear! So I took pictures with my skirt, bouquet and this wonderful blue bench that lives in my living room between sessions. 

Don't mind this not having a watermark.. whoops! 
So I don't have a macro lens so I make due with the gear I do have for detail shots. Someday I'll get all the lenses I want, and lighting gear.. pretty much I'll own some sweet gear instead of a house, I'll live in a tunnel. 
So here's some shots to tide you over until I get pictures back from my photographer and can make you all tear up with sweetness, or laugh because we are incredibly awkward. 
PS: this is my first post as an MRS, woohoo!!! 

Canon 70D
18-55mm lens | ISO 800 | 1/60-1/125 | F 5.6


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