Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Getting Ready

So I have a LOT of pictures to share from the wedding and just too many to be put into one post, so I'll start with getting ready. The morning of our wedding I was up and at-em by 730/8am to pick up my bouquet, get some tea and go get ready. I spent this time reflecting and enjoying the fact that in a few hours I'd be saying my vows in front of our family and friends.. I was giddy, calm and just really wanted it to be wedding time. 
Eric got ready at our friends hotel and enjoyed a fairly relaxing morning. I mean, just look at these two hanging out, which is exactly what I was doing.. except I was watching Kimmy Schmidt. 

LB came and brought me flowers, all of Eric's family came to see me before Eric got a first look. It was truly special to have a moment with them! 

Dad's "first look" which was over FaceTime and the bees knees! My dad thought when I said "tutu" that I meant a short tutu, I aint crazy! 

This wonderful book that I got from Kristin Schumcker's shop was what I put my vows in. 

Last detail, my Henry's medal. Henry was my moms dad, he carried this medal through WWII, Korea and Vietnam. It's our good luck charm and was my something old/borrowed. 

Next will be the first look/bride + groom pictures! 

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