Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

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While everyone is enjoying their BBQs and long weekends -I am enjoying mine- we need to have have a moment of silence. In the picture above is Trevor Pinnick who passed away June 12, 2012 that little girl is his daughter and that little girls mother is a great lady who is so incredibly strong. He passed away before his baby turned two, before he could come home one last time and before his wife could say she loved him again over a sat phone or an infamous skype call. Like I've said in the past, being able to take their family pictures was amazing, having them in my life has been amazing, but his sacrifice should and has to be remembered today.

This holiday.. I don't even like calling it a holiday, is very close to my heart. This day makes me remember those who've passed before by giving their sacrifice to this amazing country. 
I just want to take a moment, not to just remember those sacrifices, but also to thank every single service member. 

Thank you. 
All gave some. Some gave all. 
Hug your airman, soldier, marine, sailor, grandparent, husband or just anyone who has served or has lost someone whose served. 

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MrsMcDancer said...

Remembering all who sacrificed so that we may enjoy this day.