Friday, May 3, 2013

May 3rd | Blog Everyday in May

I told you I would participate in this challenge... I'm trying! 
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I've never read Jenni's blog, but because of some lovely ladies (Mrs McDancer & Ashley) who are participating I decided I should too. 

Things that make you uncomfortable:
I suppose a lot of things make me uncomfortable, or that I make others feel uncomfortable. I am awkward. 

- Sitting alone at church
- Military events 
- Bugs
- Most social events
- Hanging out with couples who fight in front of you 
- People at the gym who grunt while lifting.. dude.. I get it "beast mode" what-ev's 
- Going clothes shopping - hence my constant gym going lately. 
- My crazy neighbor, she over shares. 
- Being asked about A's & my relationship.. look we aren't getting married, no kids, I'm sorry you don't agree with it! 
- Being invited to ex's weddings. Thank you for making me apart of your big day, oh and for trying to subject me to side glances from your mother.. no thank you. 
- When people cry on the phone, did you guys know I don't show empathy well? 

I mean there are loads of things that make me uncomfortable, there are people in this world that I would rather go through a root canal than be in the same room as. But I do subject myself through a lot of those things on that list.. except ex's weddings. Its just wrong. 
Any ways.. looking forward to tomorrows link up! 

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