Thursday, May 2, 2013

Its May!

Hellllllooooooooo May! 
This is an exciting month around this house, why? Oh because this is the month we get ORDERS! -supposedly- and A's mom is coming to visit.. plus I get to start shopping for my trip to Georgia. 

Anyone have any ideas? 
I thought these two are cute, the shorter one for graduation with some cute gladiator sandals and a long necklace.. the longer one for traveling or dinner on our first night? Who knows! 

Its starting to get busy here, I'm looking at that blog everyday in May.. its gonna be hard... but with my new schedule things seem to be kind of on the right track.. I'm up early, home to take bru out and off to the gym. The only downside being that they completely messed up my days off and I'm now trying to fix it. But for now I'll just leave you all with me being incredibly stressed, planning, and just waiting for orders ... I hate this waiting game! 

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