Wednesday, February 13, 2013

when I grow up

I want a big house, with a yard, so my crazy malamute -because they are all I'll ever own- can run free and not be seen as "aggressive" for being so big.. 

I will be married with two kids, yup, or three.. maybe just two.. 

I will have given up on the notion of a "happily ever after" fairy tale and make my own. 

I will not be famous, rich or extrodinarily beautiful.. I will just be me, if any of these things happen they wont change who I am. 

I will make forts, costumes and laugh with my children whenever I possibly can. 

I will be successful, in what? I don't know.. kind of figuring that out now. 

The Bible will be a daily read in my home, with my spouse, children and dog.. yes, my dogs will know God. 

I will be comfortable in my own skin.

I want a subaru.

I will own at least three purses that go with anything. 

I will have cute outfits, I'll be fashionable.. sort of? 

I will let go of my past - currently working on- 

My parents will know that I love them and am grateful for them. 

My spouse will equally know that I love them and am grateful for them.

My children will be loved, hard working and know what it takes to earn a dollar. 

I will take pictures. 

I will laugh.

I will love. 

I will grow up eventually.. but until then, I'll continue to dream about what I'll be... and as my dad says "growing up is mandatory in age, but not in your spirit" 

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