Thursday, February 14, 2013


There is something about February that brings about the beautiful meaningness of love.. is it because of Valentines Day? Probably. 
But who doesn't love a little love??? 
I am a romantic. Complete with poems, songs and love all that other mushy stuff. 

But then there is that other side of me, pesimistic and a little sad... the one that tells myself constantly that "there is no romantic fairy tale, its all a lie" until I look at the people I get to photograph, and while it might not be a fairy tale, there is romance and love.

For instance Sarah & Dustin - they are adorable! They were all about me using them for the mushy, gushy stuff that my heart lives for! I realize that I am lucky to have the job I do, the people I work with and the fact that being in a setting as dreary as the PacNW can be, I get to be the one who sees love on a semi-regular basis. 

Even though the man in the picture above isn't very romantic, and while we're in a tough spot in our relationship, I feel pretty blessed to know that my best friend is the person I come home to. Even if he makes me want to smack him upside the head... 

Happy Valentines Day! 

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